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The 5 Best Detox Teas One Can Use for Weight Loss

The biggest mistake we humans make is to knowingly engage in lifestyle choices and then seek out a product that could correct the damages instantly overnight. I have no doubt there are dozens of teas you could drink to remove toxins from your internal organs and also create weight loss, but it is the changes you make to your daily consumption activities that will make the results permanent.

I get the fact that we humans like to feel good despite the overwhelming evidence that the true cause of our constipation or overweight issues is staring us right in the face. One of the most important detox tea benefits includes the ability to help get rid of parasites residing within your body.

The products found in this detox tea reviews were either derived from my own personal experience or used effectively by someone I know on a personal basis. Despite the numerous detox tea benefits listed in this article, there are potential side effects.

Americans love drinking coffee just like people in Europe love to drink tea on a daily basis, but that is fast changing as the merits of using natural detox tea are widely publicized. Before getting to all the detox tea products made from excellent ingredients, let’s examine why the need for detoxification in the first place.

Why Use Any Detox Tea Brand?

The amount of crap we love to eat on a daily basis creates a burden on the intestinal organs that they cannot eliminate the toxins fast enough. Detoxification with tea or natural products will help cleanse impurities from your most vital organs including the lungs, liver, skin, kidney, intestines, and others.

It is not uncommon to feel rejuvenated after successfully completing a detox tea regimen. Even if you only eat organic food stuff you should cleanse out impurities from your internal organs at least once or twice every year.

Detox Tea Reviews

1 – Yogi Detox Tea Reviews

Yogi Detox Tea Reviews

If you’re looking for a detox tea brand with all natural ingredients that contains no caffeine, the tea bags from Yogi would do just fine. This company has been around for 47 years and they currently produce different high-quality teas including this one that is formulated for detoxing.

Some of the most active natural ingredients include juniper berry, ginger, dandelion, burdock, sarsaparilla, and much more. You’ll find the complete ingredient’s list at Amazon.com.

Does yogi detox tea make you poop? Probably a little more due to the natural ingredients content. Despite the fact that it can help induce faster cleansing of impurities from your body, do not count on it to help you pass a drug test.

The original inspiration to start this brand by the founders can be found in the teachings of Ayurveda, which is not only holistic but also encourages participants to indulge in healthy living.

That same philosophy is still used to this day to make detox tea yogi and should be helpful to those seeking to lose weight faster.

The Benefits You Can Expect From Using Detox Teas

The list of the most effective detox tea brands grows by the day due to the endorsement of celebrities. I must confess that some of the detox teas that I tried in the past resulted from my seeing a celebrity I like using it.

I also urge you to base your investment on health products on what they can do to enhance your blood circulation or give you that glowing skin after eliminating the toxins negatively affecting your internal organs.

Even a regular weight loss tea will have other benefits, and some of the most obvious ones are:

Will Help Flush Out Toxins

There are parasites inside the foods we eat and some are not that gentle once they get inside your stomach. The detox tea will help flush out the parasites since it is a fast acting laxative. The more you poop and pee, the faster will be the elimination of the nasty germs resting within your organs and intestinal tracts.

An excellent detox tea will come with ample supply of antioxidants, which means they have the ability to keep the activities of free radicals in check by reducing their numbers or removing them entirely. As you know, most chronic diseases are caused by the presence of stress.

The antioxidants and other natural properties found in a detox tea will enhance the functioning of your liver.

The faster metabolism caused from drinking detox tea can contribute to faster weight loss. Not only will it help to correct any digestive issues, you’ll also discover that your raised energy levels will contribute to the faster burning of the stored fat.

2 – Baetea 14 Day Teatox Detox Herbal Tea Supplement

Baetea 14 Day Teatox Detox Herbal Tea Supplement Review


If you want a tea supplement that can help you lose weight faster, you should go with this brand. The manufacturer claims it is made using only natural ingredients, but it does contain Stevia powder, which is derived from natural sources.

With a few celebrity endorsement, this detox tea supplement is selling like hot cake. Not only would it help with bloating, the included appetite suppressants will curtail your need to eat.

The Baetea Teatox detox herbal tea should be used for 14-days to help get rid of the impurities inside your internal organs. Just one tea bag daily from this product is all you need to achieve fantastic results.

Other Benefits Attributed to Drinking Detox Tea

It is the germs within your body that cause most of the infections and once you get rid of most of them, it is reasonable to assume you will feel much better. Drinking detox tea can help with the faster elimination of everyday infections that can be cured at home.

After a couple of days of a detox tea regimen, I find that my chronic fatigue improved dramatically. It might be because the tea made me visit the bathroom quite often, but I can assure you that the lack of fatigue and raised energy level made me feel renewed.

I am yet to find a coherent answer from a medical doctor what truly causes bloating in most women, but drinking detox tea can substantially reduce the symptoms from it.

Another side benefit of drinking detox tea is the clarity of one’s skin. It is true that the condition of your internal organs will be reflected on the surface of your skin. After flushing out the toxins, you will have fewer issues with irritated skin and it should be glowing.

Detox Tea and Weight Loss

Some of the detox tea manufacturers are now claiming the link between faster weight loss and their products. Can detox cause weight loss? I have to give you a qualified answer on that one, for the results are not that clear cut from all the test conducted by scientists, and from my own experience.

Detox tea will induce a fast bowel movement, which means toxins within your system will be removed faster. It is also true that you’ll be urinating more, which leads to the quicker reduction of your water weight.

The type of weight loss you experience from consuming detox tea will be based on the brand and the included ingredients. Some will include appetite suppressant properties to ensure you eat less, which eventually leads to a faster reduction in weight.

3 – Triple Leaf Tea Chinese Medicinal Detox Tea

Triple Leaf Tea Chinese Medicinal Detox Tea Review

What a name for a Chinese medicinal detox tea? From the feedbacks, I gathered it is capable of promoting healthy glowing skin and will help you feel energized. This is my preferred detox tea and I use it for total organ cleanse two or three times every year.

I like that it comes with a clearly visible expiration date on the packaging. It will make you use the bathroom a lot, so try to only use it on weekends or on days when you’ll be staying home. If you’re brave enough to look at your poop, what you see might frighten you.

Expect to hear growling stomach sounds as the Triple Leaf Tea Chinese Medicinal detox tea encourages the impurities inside your body to start making way for the exit. After a day or two of consuming this best weight loss tea, I usually feel have more energy.

Potential Detox Tea Side Effects

Like anything that comes with massive popularity, there are detox tea side-effects you should keep in mind before buying one. Your digestive system comes with a natural way of removing toxins if your lifestyle choices are within reason.

When you consume a potent detox tea you’re tampering with the natural way of getting rid of toxins inside your internal organ. Any detox tea brand should be taken in moderation to minimize any potential side effects that might occur.

In my opinion, an occasional use of a strong detox tea will not do you harm, but too much use can have some negative health effects like bloating, cramps, excessive use of the bathroom, nausea, and others.

Also, some of the top detox tea brands contain high amounts of caffeine, which some might have an allergic reaction to. It will be foolish of you to take a detox tea to get rid of all the impurities without assessing or making meaningful changes to some of your lifestyle choices.

4 – Total Tea Gentle Detox Tea

Total Tea Gentle Detox Tea Reviews

Another excellent detox tea for those looking for ways to develop flat belly is the detox tea from Total Tea. Not only will it help to reduce the symptoms of constipation and bloating, it is also uniquely formulated to cleanse out impurities from the colon.

The Total Tea Gentle Detox Tea contain appetite suppressants and completely caffeine free. The manufacturer claims this product is free of preservatives or fillers, and contain no artificial colors or flavors.

This tea that is formulated tp help with weight loss can also be used effectively by vegans and it comes with the latest kosher certification. This detox tea is not only free of all GMOs, but also gluten-free.

Total tea detox is formulated to enhance the functioning of your internal organs, which ultimately contributes to whole body wellness.

Brewing Suggestions

Despite what you might have read in any online detox tea reviews, you should stick to the brewing suggestions that came with the product. The only slight adjustment I would encourage you to make is to start off with a lesser dosage than what is recommended by the manufacturer.

Why you might ask because detox tea will cause different reactions from person to person. This is even more so if the tea contains caffeine or appetite suppressants. Brew a small portion and see how you feel after consuming it.

Word of Caution about Detox Teas

The claims by manufacturers of top detox teas about all the benefits have not been verified by any government agency. That is why when you look at the labels on any detox tea packaging you’ll see a warning sign labeling.

If you’re pregnant or seeking to get pregnant, consult your doctor before using any type of detox tea. If you use a detox tea that includes appetite suppressant properties, your weight loss might be temporary, unless you also make meaningful changes to your lifestyle choices.

A detox tea with all the right ingredients should help one lose a few pounds, but you have to adopt sensible dieting and exercising choices to make the results permanent.

5 – Traditional Medicinals EveryDay Detox Tea

Traditional Medicinals EveryDay Detox Tea Review


This is probably the name I would have chosen for a detox tea that can also enhance the functioning of the liver. It is free of any genetically modified organisms and made using only the finest pharmacopoeial grade herbs of the highest quality.

Some of the current users called the taste bitter and sweet at the same time, which made me wonder if that is even possible. A friend of mine confirmed it has a pungent sour taste to it, but not that bitter.

The Traditional Medicinals EveryDay detox tea is made to help you have a faster metabolism, which ultimately leads to the rapid removal of impurities within your internal organs.