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The Coconut Oil Brand that Can Give You Beautiful Skin and Better Hair Growth

From way back in time we humans have tried almost everything possible under the sun to get beautiful skin and stimulate thicker, stronger, and faster hair growth. While the condition of your skin and hair can be traced to some of the questionable lifestyle choices you make every day, a good coconut oil brand can be of help if used the right way.

It is true that extra virgin coconut oil can be used for cooking delicious meals, but in this review, our focus will be on the coconut oils formulated to help you maintain fabulous looking skin while also helping your hair follicles to grow faster and stronger.

Before you rush out and buy your own coconut oil, you should know that the manufacturing process is the key determining factor of the quality of the final product. Before we get to some of the products found in this review, let’s examine some of the benefits you can expect from using a well-formulated product.

Finest Coconut Oil for Hair

1 – Coco&Co Coconut Oil for Hair & Skin

Coco&Co Coconut Oil for Hair & Skin Review

The way you can use any type of coconut oil is always evolving, but the product from Coco&Co put emphasis on the fact that it is uniquely formulated for skin care and faster hair growth. The Coco&Co coconut oil for hair & skin is available for sale on Amazon.com in four different sizes.

What you can do with an extra virgin coconut oil for skin and hair is probably limited by your imagination. This brand comes with another distinction quality, for it can also be used to maintain and grow stronger, longer nails.


For those of you dealing with constant dry skin, this product can be used to make your skin super soft again. Not only can it be used to moisturize chapped lips, it is also capable of removing makeup plus all its chemical residues.

The coconut oil from Coco&Co is the ideal deep conditioner to bring life back to dry and dull hair follicles. Before using it as a conditioning treatment, it is suggested you wash your hair to remove chemical residues from hair products you might have used.

Another great use for this coconut oil that is made from only organic ingredients is the growth of better nails. Not only can it moisturize your hands, the natural properties present in Coco&Co coconut oil can also strengthen the cuticles of your nail to make them grow faster and stronger.

The fast absorption quality of this oil is made possible because it is made from fresh organic coconuts and comes in a non-greasy formula.

Not only does it not have any foul taste or odor, it also comes with no discoloration, and can be safely used for cooking or oral applications.


As I explored the feedbacks from current users of this beauty product, finding disgruntled users was quite difficult. The total approval rating for this virgin coconut oil from Coco&Co is quite high. The most consistent complaint about this product centers on the pricing and the packaging.

One frequent user complained it was much smaller than the images presented online, while another complained the container was just too narrow for easy and total removal of the oil at the bottom.

A customer that loves how the oil helps promote better skin texture and stronger hair growth suggested the manufacturer consider using a wide-mouth container.

Bottom Line:

This product is not for females only, for guys would find it useful as it can also be used as an aftershave balm. It is also useful as a preventer of age spots and wrinkles in both sexes. This oil is derived from coconut fruit that is free of pesticides and genetically modified organisms.

One of the closely held secrets of extracting purer oils from natural fruits is not to use chemicals or heat, which is how this beauty product is made. If you’re looking for the best coconut oil for face or hair regardless of your skin color, this product will not disappoint.

Guide to Choosing the Best Coconut Oil

There are many different types of coconut oil, which we’ll discuss later in this article, but for now, let’s examine some of the main distinguishing features among coconut oil brands.

Just keep in mind that each feature is just as important as the other one, especially if you’re searching for a brand with the right organic ingredients.

Virgin Coconut Oil Vs Refined Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil Vs Refined Coconut Oil


Those new to what this ingredient can do usually begin by searching for the differences between the refined and virgin coconut oil sold online or at your local department store.

The name for both might provide the clue, but the regular oil is derived after the coconut fruit is processed using industrial extraction methods, while the virgin oil is derived from cold pressing of the coconut fruit.

I have read about how refined coconut oil is derived from the processing of dried copra, which in my opinion, confuses someone searching for just the right coconut oil for hair or skin.

To make the distinction clearer, refined coconut oil will go through several processing methods and most likely will not have any of the aromas of real coconut afterward.

To get the formulation of the refined coconut oil just right, most will be bleached and deodorized during this process, which in my opinion renders the final product far from natural.

The unrefined coconut is commonly referred to as virgin and comes to you with real coconut smell or aroma. Coconut oil brands claiming to be all organic are notorious for making outlandish claims, so, take the benefit claims with a grain of salt.

The slight processing to make the virgin coconut oil might also alter the characteristics of the natural properties, which means you must pay careful attention to the processing methods used.

It is also true that most virgin coconut oils will be made using only fresh coconuts and cold pressing manufacturing method to extract the natural oil. The fewer the processing steps the purer the coconut oil.

Other Factors to Consider

the Best Coconut Oil

Should You Buy Organic or Non-Organic Coconut Oil

With the way products are sourced all over the world, the lines between organic and non-organic coconut oil is blurred, to say the least. I have my doubt that the claims of the product manufactured in a third world country where corruption is rampant can be trusted to be accurate.

So, as you examine the claims of the coconut oil being organic, pay careful attention to where it is made to help you determine if the claim is true or not. This is one beauty product where the source of origin is quite important, especially if you want to use it on your skin or hair.

What about the Packaging of the Coconut Oil

I have a friend who’s an environmentalist and constantly moans the destruction of the planet caused by all the plastic bottles we humans use on a daily basis. Should you insist on buying only coconut oil that is packaged in a glass jar?

To me, it is not as important as the ingredients used in making the coconut oil in the jar or plastic bottle. All things being equal, do go for brands sold in a glass jar, but if not, a plastic bottle will do just fine in holding the virgin coconut oil until it is applied to your face or hair follicles.

Just to digress a little bit, the same friend that claims to love the environment and love pets, regularly eat meat. It is true that the slaughtering of cows and other animals is just as destructive to the environment as plastic bottles.

What are you willing to pay for Your Coconut Oil?

In this beauty product niche, the quality of the coconut oil will be determined by the price. So, forget about getting a high-quality organic coconut oil for less, especially if it is made by a reputable brand.

What about the Brand Name?

Do not discount the power of brand names because it is one of the ways to ensure you end up with a product that performs flawlessly. It takes a long time to build up the reputation of a brand and most are mindful of the quality of the products outputted to enhance the brand reputation and name.

You’re taking a chance when you purchase from a newly established brand, for there are no performance metrics to help you judge if the product will perform as advertised. In a nutshell, name brand coconut oil has value and might cost a little more.

Opinions of Current Users of the Coconut Oil

In this digital internet age, you should not buy any product unless you read some of the feedback from existing customers. The few minutes you spend perusing opinions of current users of the product might save you the headache of buying an inferior coconut oil brand.

So do not let the words read in any blog post including this one prevent you from doing your due diligence before pushing the buy now button for your own virgin or refined coconut oil.

2 – SheaMoisture Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

SheaMoisture Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Review

Shea Moisture is a brand with a reputation for manufacturing high-quality beauty products and this coconut oil happens to deliver the same high-performance metrics. It is made using only organic ingredients and can be used to keep your skin and hair properly nourished with the right natural nutrients.


Not only is it capable of restoring vitality and youthfulness to your skin texture, it can also do the same for your hair follicles. This virgin coconut oil from Shea Moisture is designed for all skin and hair types.

The natural properties found in this beauty product includes vitamin E, fatty acids, proteins, and other minerals, which makes it possible for the coconut oil to help your skin retain moisture, while also making it look smooth and radiant.


Like most beauty products made from organic ingredients, some might consider the pricing expensive, although it would cost you less than the virgin coconut oil from Coco&Co.

Few customers complained the smell was not what they expected. If you have extreme skin sensitivity, it might be wise on your part to test it out for any allergic reaction before applying it to facial skin.

Bottom Line:

The reputation of the brand alone is enough reason to push the buy now button. While I try to keep my personal preference out of the reviews I write, this is my go-to coconut oil when I want to experience nourishing hydration of my skin from head to toe.

It is formulated to be non-greasy and will work fine for all skin types, including those with extremely dry skin. I have found the extra virgin coconut oil from Shea Moisture to be very effective at removing makeup right before bedtime.

3 – Sky Organics Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Sky Organics Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil Review

Sky Organics is another brand of virgin coconut oil with excellent performance metrics based on info from the manufacturer and current users. It also true that most industry critics give it high marks for helping to radiate the skin and remove fungus that might be residing on the scalp.


This coconut oil from Sky Organics is made using the cold pressed manufacturing method. It is fully recognized as a USDA organic coconut oil and comes with the latest kosher certification.

Sky Organics extra virgin coconut oil is made while adhering to the Fairtrade principles and the final product is never tested on animals. Since it is unrefined, you can use it as a moisturizer for the skin, deep hair treatment conditioner, or simply for cooking.

This beauty product is not made in bulk but through artisanal methods, which means most of the natural nutrients of the coconut fruit is preserved in the oil.

The coconut oil you get from Sky Organics is gluten free and made without the use of any deodorizing, bleaching, or harsh chemical agents.


The claim that it can aid one in losing excess body weight should be taking with a grain of salt. Few of the current users hated the smell of the oil that was delivered, but most gave high praise for how it helped their skin look radiant and beautiful.

Another issue with this brand is the problem of packaging. Few customers received their product with the seal broken or the coconut oil leaching out onto the package itself.

Bottom Line:

Despite the few customers that received poorly packaged items the vast majority of the purchasers of the Sky Organics extra virgin coconut love what it has allowed them to do with their hair and skin.

A longtime user said the oil is super smooth and brings back life to her dry scalp and skin. The many applications for this coconut oil are not limited to just hair and skin, for it can also be used for baking and cooking your favorite meals.

The cold pressing manufacturing method used to extract the oil ensures most of the natural properties of the fruit is present in the oil for the most benefits.

Facts about Coconut Oil Extraction

The way the coconut oil is extracted will largely determine the final product and what it can be used for. Extracting the oil from the coconut fruit can be done three ways:

What about Fractionated Coconut Oil?

Using Heat – Intense heat is applied to the coconut fruit in such a way that it is not burnt but the oil is separated slowly over time. It is a delicate process and requires the right touch and equipment to ensure the oil is not destroyed during the process.

Using Chemicals – Leave it to scientists to come up with harsh chemicals to make the extraction easier, which might also compromise the quality of the natural properties of the coconut fruit.

Fresh coconut fruit is rolled up or ground, and then a powerful chemical solution is applied to separate the oil. This extraction method involves the use of both chemicals and heat to produce the needed oil, which ultimately affects the natural composition of the properties remaining in the oil.

Using Cold Pressing – Most of your organic virgin coconut oils are made using this method. A mechanical pressing machine is used to extract the oil out of the fresh coconut fruit. The resulting oil is either then just filtered and packaged for sale to the public, or further refined to increase shelf life.

What about Fractionated Coconut Oil?

Since coconut oil contains essential nutrients that can help nourish the skin and hair, beauty products manufacturers have developed ways to manipulate the composition of this natural oil to create longer lasting skin and hair care products.

Fractionated coconut oil simply means there is only a fraction of the real coconut oil present in the product. The process of creating Fractionated coconut oil involves the removal of certain properties mainly the long chain triglycerides, with the ultimate aim of prolonging the shelf life.

Recommended Coconut Oil for Skin

4 – Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Review

I will not deny the fact that I am partial to reviewing beauty products from brands that have shown the ability to deliver excellent performance metrics for the long run. The Nutiva organic coconut oil is not only ideal for body care but can also be used to prepare your favorite dishes.

The coconut oil from this reputable brand is cold-pressed to help preserve all the natural nutrients found in the fruit. The coconut oil for skin from Nutiva is available for purchase in eight different sizes.

The organic oil that is delivered to you is never bleached, neither was it refined or deodorized. It has a rich coconut aroma that will not only nourish skin and hair but also enhance the taste of your meals.


This coconut oil can be called virgin because it is not refined and contains no genetically modified organisms. This organic virgin oil itself is derived from fresh coconuts.

The oil is non-hydrogenated and can be used to make delicious recipes without any negative health concerns.

The ingredients to make this oil is procured using Fair Trade principles and the final product is certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture.


While it is cheaper than the other brands found in this review, some might still consider it on the expensive side of things.

Few of the current users complained the mouth of the container used to package the oil is too small, thus making it difficult to reach the contents to use for cooking or body care.

Bottom Line:

The feedback rating for this virgin coconut oil from Nutiva is one of the highest on Amazon. It is a far better alternative to using butter, and it is healthier too.

This organic coconut oil from Nutiva can also be used as a makeup remover, skin moisturizer, and shaving or after-shave cream. This is an elite brand and I have no doubt you’ll enjoy using the oil for cooking or body care.