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The Leading Cockroach Killer Products

A friend of mine who I can describe as a clean freak recently called me about the sudden appearance of roaches in an apartment she just moved into. Truth be told, I helped inspect the clean apartment before she moved in, and I did not observe any cockroach eggs or droppings.

Now she’s searching desperately for the most effective roach killer, so this review was created in response to how we helped get rid of the cockroaches in her home without the use of an exterminator.

Roaches come in different shapes and sizes, and unless you find their nest and also eliminate the food droppings that invite them, even the most potent cockroach killer would not eliminate all of them.

So, the right question to ask as you look at the various ways to kill cockroaches is, are you prepared to find the nest and kill all of them, or do you just want the most annoying ones that come after your food to die a horrible death as a warning to the rest of the clan?

Conditions that Create Roaches

Conditions that Create Roaches

Unless you know what factors contribute to roaches showing up at your home you might not understand the needed steps to get rid of them for good. Roaches usually manifest where the following conditions are present:

Old home or apartment – cockroaches are masters at creating a hidden nest in just about the tiniest of places. So, if you reside in an old home or apartment that have experienced problems with pests in the past, chances are the roaches nest is well and alive.

Dirty habits – I must confess I have a few friends that I would not even consider drinking a cup of water at their home if offered. This is one of the reasons why I rarely go out to eat, for I know that roaches love kitchens, simply because that is where the foods are.

If you find cockroaches in your living room or bedroom chances are they’ve already conquered your kitchen and the new members of the clan are seeking more space to grow and multiply.

They Can Travel – Unfortunately, most pests are capable of using public transportation just like humans, with the exception that they need help from us to make that happen. I have seen roaches inside subway cars, trunks of taxis, rental cars, office tables, public buses, etc.

Contrary to what humans think, cockroaches are smart, organized, and communicate well with each other. So, you have to be vigilant wherever you go, as a small or big roach can easily enter your purse or bag and come home with you.

Ways to Rid Your Home of Cockroaches

The Best Cockroach Killer

The two most obvious ways to get rid of cockroaches from your apartment are:

Use an Exterminator

Seek the services of a good exterminator and hope he or she finds the nest and lays the right set of bait traps to kill all of them. The business of killing roaches is a very lucrative one, and most would want you to sign a long-term contract for regular monthly visits to continue the roach killing treatment.

If you keep in mind the underlying greed that makes a business thrive you might make a better choice. Other examples to drive home the point are: I am yet to find a weapons manufacturer that’s interested in worldwide peace between most people, neither have I met an automobile mechanic that complains too many cars are breaking down.

A dentist would never pray a patient’s teeth remain healthy all through their lifetime. So, most exterminators understand that they need roaches to stay in business, which means most are not interested in getting rid of your roach problem completely, just to make them less visible and out of sight.

That is why most exterminators would offer you a contract for monthly visits to ensure the roaches do not increase in number. Keep that self-preservation need of all exterminators in mind before you get a good one to come and inspect your roach problem.

Having said all that, I know several exterminators that would do an excellent job finding the roaches nest in your home and getting rid of them permanently, but the knowledgeable ones that come with the mindset of stopping your roach problem once and for all, are few in-between and expensive.

Get the Most Powerful Roach Killer on the Market

There are many products in the marketplace that claim to be the top cockroach killer, but the effectiveness of some of the baits or glue traps can be questioned, due to too many poor performance metrics.

Before we get to some of the effective roach killer brands, let’s explore the different methods used to kill this type of indoor pest.

Sticky Glue Traps for Roaches – This type of roach killing product is quite popular because they tend to come with a lower price tag. Glue bait traps for roaches will catch a few of them but the rest will make the necessary adjustment within your living quarters and continue to thrive and multiply.

So if you want to feel good that you got some of the bastards before they could get to your loaf of bread, go ahead get a glue trap, but be ready to spend you hard earned money killing just a few of the roaches in your apartment. In my opinion, glue traps designed to catch and kill the roaches simply pisses them off, which causes them to multiply faster.

Roach Killer Spray – If you can stand the toxic smell most will kill any roach they touch on contact, but it will not get rid of the nest, neither will it discourage the little “bastards” from showing up when you’re not around.

If you have the patience of a cat and can wait for the roaches to appear, go ahead and get a few cans of the roach killer spray, but their numbers would not decrease. Roaches are good at adapting to the various methods available on the marketplace to permanently get rid of them.

Cockroach bug spray will not get rid of your roach problems, but will definitely allow you to kill the ones you can reach just in time.

Most Effective Cockroach Killers

The following roach killer products cannot be easily classified, but most will do a better job at reaching the places where roaches like to build a nest. What you need is a roach poison that can be brought into the nest to infect the other members of the clan.

What you need to use for your roach problem is a cockroach killer product that comes with a poisonous powder or gel that can be carried back into the nest. The following products offer the average homeowner better options for getting rid of roaches without paying the exorbitant fees charged by exterminators.

1 – Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait

Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait Review

Roaches are sneaky, smart, and have the highest survival instincts, which makes them bypass most of the ingredients in cockroach killer products. But there is a product called Advion Syngenta cockroach gel bait that includes Indoxacarb.

This is a very powerful substance that is transferable among the roaches and will kill by destroying their enzymes. Due to the nature of the most active ingredient in this product it comes with an expiration date, which ensures the right potency is present as you deploy it to destroy the roach infestation in your home.

Another consideration is that the instructions for deploying this roach killer are quite easy to follow. All you need is to deploy a few drops few inches apart in the areas where the roaches are usually present. If you can find the roaches nest and deploy a few drops of the gel that would be even more effective.

Once roaches come in contact with the gel they do not die right away but are able to crawl to meet up with their buddies. The gel on one roach can be easily transferred to others in the nest, which leads to death to all the members of that colony.

This is the highest performing product with the right formulation that can kill all species of cockroaches. You can read some of the feedbacks on Amazon.com from current users before deciding if this is the right roach bait to help get rid of the annoying indoor pest within your living space.

2 – Combat Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gel

Combat Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gel Review

Combat is one of the premier manufacturers of roach killing products for the do-it-yourself homeowner wanting to eliminate cockroaches both indoor and outdoor. The Combat roach killing gel is mostly composed of the food and water roaches love to nibble on.

Another important feature of this product is that it does not kill the roaches right away but allows them to bring the food back to the nest, thus infecting all the other roaches.

The Combat roach killing gel comes in a tube and you just squeeze a few drops into areas where you’ve seen the little or big buggers. The gel from this product is good at attacking the roaches in the nest. It is even more effective when used inside crevices and cracks where roaches love to hide.

Video on How to Use Combat Roach Killing Gels

The above video shows how easy it is to deploy this gel in the areas where cockroaches are most visible inside your home. Roaches are very nurturing and they do share food with other roaches freely and willingly, which is why they multiply at an alarming rate.

The Combat gel bait has been called the ultimate cockroach killer for home by some of the current users, and you can read about the effectiveness of this product – Here.

Other Products You Can Use to Kill Cockroaches

Other Products You Can Use to Kill Cockroaches

Other popular products one can buy online to kill roaches include roach bait toxic powder and roach killing boxes. The specially constructed box for capturing, trapping, and killing roaches will do away with some of them, but the nest will continue to thrive and multiply.

Personally, from my own experience, and from speaking with exterminators with many years of experience getting rid of roaches, you need a product that the cockroaches can carry back to the nest to infect the other roaches inside. It is probably the most effective way to eliminate the nest, especially the ones built inside walls or woods.

Roaches are not that stupid as humans think for they usually go where they can get food and survive undisturbed. After applying a strong cockroach killer, try to keep a cleaner home.

Do not leave cereal box open for roaches to get into. Clean up your mess as you make ’em, and the roaches will find it hard to create a permanent home within your living quarters.