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Amazon Elements Baby Wipes Reviews

The joy of a newborn cannot be described with words, so is the amount of work that goes into keeping a little child clean. You might have seen someone else clean a baby’s bottom with a natural wipe or maybe you helped out a few times, but nothing prepares you for having the little child in your care 24/7.

While we mothers give praise to products like the Amazon Elements baby wipes, it is the constant need to feed, bath, wipe away poop, dirt, etc. that can drive a new mom to the depths of depression.

I remember with my first born, the needs of the baby took a toll on me and my marriage. As a stay at home mom during those days, my husband would come home tired with the expectation that I would be full of energy and cater to all his needs, without realizing a number of baby wipes I have used throughout the day to keep our baby clean.

Someone once said, a mother’s job is never complete, and it is awfully true, especially if you have little ones that need constant observation and care.

While you can find best baby wipes for sensitive skin, guys sometimes forget that someone still has to use the wipes effectively, to keep the newborn clean and healthy looking.

Before I get to the details about this Amazon elements wipes review, the product itself can only be purchased by Amazon prime members. It requires you pay a monthly or yearly fee to get extra perks, which includes free two-day shipping on most products you can buy from Amazon.

If you still want to use one of the best baby wipes on your baby’s skin, we did a comprehensive review of the top rated brands – here.

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What is Amazon Elements?

You have to give kudos to this fast growing online giant retailer for coming up with an ingenious way to keep customers coming back for more. What most people are unaware of is that the Amazon ecosystem is one giant laboratory used to try out new products and services that might be liked or disliked by consumers.

It is like approaching a woman you admire, you never know if she would go out with you unless you stop being afraid and ask her out. The Amazon products line was launched in 2014 with great fanfare, but it has not thrived like the other Amazonbasics line of products.

The idea behind the creation of the elements line of products is to create a more open transparency on how a product is sourced, with the listing of all the ingredients used during the manufacturing process. It is a bold move that is yet to pay any major dividend.

For those wondering what happened to Amazon elements diapers, it was stopped in 2015, due to product and production flaws. As far as I can tell, this product is still reserved for Prime members only, and currently, controls a significant portion of the diaper wipes market on the Amazon marketplace.

Features of the Amazon Elements Baby Wipes

Based on the feedbacks I looked at, most of the current users said this baby wipe is soft and large, while also strong enough to clean your baby’s bottom in a gentle manner. It can also be used to clean your child’s hands, face, and feet.

The manufacturer claims these wipes are made using ingredients free of alcohol, dyes, fragrances, phthalates, methylisothiazolinone (MIT), bronopol, and parabens.

I also like the fact that the ingredients and how they’re sourced can be found easily. Best of all, it is nice to see a top baby wipe with an expiration date.

It is available in three distinctive styles sensitive, fresh, and unscented. You can also buy the Elements baby wipes by Amazon as a refill or you can get one that includes the tub to hold the wipes. As you guessed right, the refill pack is cheaper.

Amazon Elements Baby Wipes Ingredients List

Amazon Elements Baby Wipes Ingredients List

It is nice to find a product one can use to keep a little child clean with the list of ingredients openly listed for all to see. Among all the varieties made, the one for sensitive baby skin is probably the most delicate to produce and it contains:

Extract from Chamomile flower, which the manufacturer claims is derived from a top company based in Lewisville, Texas, with a vast experience in procuring high-grade botanical extracts. This is the key ingredient that gives the wipes the gentle soothing power.

Another powerful ingredient is purified water that is pharmaceutical-grade, based on product information from Amazon. In fact, this water makes up over 97% of the liquids found in the elements baby wipes.

The water is derived from an underground Aquifer and purified using four crucial stages;

The first stage is sedimentation, which is a process of allowing the impurities to settle towards the bottom of the water.

The second stage is charcoal filtration, which is a process whereby the water is run through a bed of activated carbon to remove impurities and contaminants.

The third step in the distillation process is called deionization, which involves using an ion exchange to try to remove the total dissolved solids (TDS). This is a crucial part of the water filtration process that removes all the mineral ions.

The last step to get the pure purified water is called ultraviolet disinfection, which involves using short-wavelength ultraviolet light (UV-C) to kill or render the remaining organism in the liquid harmless.

Another key ingredient is called Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate and it is harvested from coconut oil. It is uniquely combined with polysorbate 20 to give the wipes the gentle cleansing power.

To keep the pH level from going too high or too low, citric acid and Disodium Phosphate are added to the formulation.

The fiber is made from a unique combination of Viscose, Polyester, and Polypropylene.

Other key ingredients that help to keep the baby wipes from Amazon elements fresh are Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, and Sodium Benzoate.

The True Manufacturer of the Amazon Elements Baby Wipes

The true manufacturer of the Amazon elements wipes is a company called Nice-Pak Products, Inc. This company is family owned since its founding in 1957, and currently, based in the city of Mooresville, Indiana.

The supplier claims the waste that results from making this baby wipe is either recycled or used for generating steam heat.

Is this the Best all Natural Baby Wipes?

Probably not, but it should be included in any top ten list of the diaper wipes with merit. While there are other brands with more organic ingredients, the Amazon elements wipes are the closest you’re going to get to an all-natural brand at that price point.

Other Key Facts for Parents

This baby wipe can be used on any part of your baby’s body including the bottom, feet, hands, etc.

If you have a baby wipe holding tub all you need to buy is the refill pack, which further increases your savings. It is suggested you wash out the baby wipes tub with soapy water before reusing.

The elements baby wipes are not recyclable and should be thrown away with your garbage.

The wipes are not flushable, for it will clog it up and end up costing you much more money.

The shelf life of the Amazon baby wipes is about two years, but you can input the unique code found on the packaging into the Amazon mobile app to find the expiration date or best by date.

If you leave the wipes in a hot car and the container is not tightly closed, the fluids might dry out faster.

Is the Amazon Elements Baby Wipes Right for Your Baby?

Is the Amazon Elements Baby Wipes Right for Your Baby


From my experience raising several kids, the baby wipes from Amazon will do an excellent job at helping to keep your little one clean and germ-free.

It is just as good if not better than the major brands that spend millions of dollars in advertising, which is eventually passed on to the consumer.

Based on the other Amazon elements baby wipes reviews I looked at online, you have very little to lose by trying the product on your baby’s skin. It is as close as you’re going to get to an all-natural baby wipe with the power to remove poop and dirt with just one try.