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What Are The Best Double Edge Razor Blades?

When you look at a double edge razor blade, you’ll notice it comprises a durable piece of steel that’s infused with two cutting edges, with one on each side of the blade.

They’re designed to mount on any standard safety razor, and it’s probably one of the best tools that can help you get the most comfortable close shave.

Just like any other product, there are good brands and some brands with questionable quality.

That shiny new safety razor does require a really good double edge blade if it is to function most effectively.

You do want a blade that’s sharp enough to remove the facial hair on the first run. You also want double edge razor blades that are designed to last through several shaves.

Best Double Edge Razor Blades AA5112

I am assuming you want the best for less! So how do you determine the best double edge safety razor?

Before we get to our recommended brands, here is a chart of some of the most wanted double edge razor blades, based on sales, customer reviews and ratings.

Which Blade Is Right For Me?

When you first start with straight razor shaving, you’ll need to determine which razor blade is right for your skin and beard coarseness.

Since we’re all born with unique skin type and hair type, you’ll need to conduct your own shaving experiment to find the ideal brand.

We have provided several links to some of the best double edge razor blades on the market today, and it’s up to you to choose one and get going.

If you do have bumps or bleed a lot when you shave, you might not want the sharpest blades out there.

Straight razor shaving is a personal chore, and you’ll never know which is the better product unless you conduct your own test.

Some Crucial Factors to Keep in mind when searching for the best de razor blades…

Since these types of blades come standard with the same size and dimensions, picking out the good ones can be tricky at best.

I am sure you understand why! Since they’re designed to fit just about any type of straight razors, the industry group created a standard fit and size for all manufacturers to follow.

Below are some facts you can apply to nearly all double edge safety razor blades.

The type of material. Stainless steel is the main component of all double edge razor blades, and they’re usually tempered with some type of coatings, such as platinum or Teflon.

While there are many types of coating that can be used on the blades, some manufacturers have patented methods of their own.

In a nutshell, razor blades are durable because they’re made from coated stainless steel.

What about price? One of the most exciting thing about this shaving product is the price point.

Most would run you anywhere from $0.10 and $0.65 per piece, depending on the model, manufacturer, and quantity of blades in the pack.

If you read our article “What Are the Best Straight Razors”;  you’ll understand a good DE razor requires some upfront investment, but it’s nice to know you’ll save plenty of money on the straight razor double edge blades you need.

Packaging style. As a rule, most razor blades will come to you individually wrapped in a durable branded small piece of paper.

When shopping online, I have seen packs of ten and all the way up to 100 blades.

Some brands will come with an extra small plastic box that can be used to dispose of all the used blades. For me, I just flush my used razor blades through the toilet!

If you’re new to straight razor shaving, buy a pack with 10 blades to see how it performs on your skin before going for the larger packs, which reduces your per blade cost.

Does sharpness matter? Yes, it does, if you want the best most comfortable shave! Double-edge razor blades can be easily rated pretty sharp, and extremely sharp.

While some might believe the sharper blades are better, that might not be the whole truth for everyone.

Skin type and facial hair type are some other factors that help determine how you’ll get a comfortable close shave.

The sharpness of the razor blades is just another factor in the equation. Personal preference can only be ascertained through trial and error.

For most men, a razor blade with sharpness rating somewhere in the middle might be better.

The performance. The straight razor blades performance will be influenced to a greater degree by your beard coarseness or thickness, your facial hair pattern, the shaving soap or cream used, and finally your razor.

I wish I had a magic wand that could determine the best blades for your straight razor.

best de razor blades

Durability. Many of the  double edge razor blades are capable of lasting through at least 3 to 5 comfortable shaves.

You facial hair thickness and the type of straight razor you’re using will be some contributing factors on how long each shaving blade last.

We included this factors so that you know you’re not alone if you run across any issues when trying to find the best de razor blades for your shaving tool.

There’s absolutely no way to avoid conducting your own shaving test before finding one that best fits your face structure.

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the double edge safety razor blades.