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What are the Attributes of a Healthy Person?

It is a fact of life that your true wealth in this world is your health. I know quite a few wealthy folks with a myriad of health issues that impacts negatively their quality of life on a daily basis. Why is it that most people consume destructive things for many years and then try to change the unhealthy habits when it is probably too late?

Using my life as a guide and from conversations with both poor and rich people, I have collected few attributes one should ADOPT, especially if you want a healthier body in your old age. The attributes are by no means complete, but I have tried to list the ones that can impact all your major organs negatively.

Too often, we humans pretend what we’re doing on a daily basis will not impact our health until it is too late. Just because you choose to deny or ignore the obvious facts does not mean you’re out of the woods, as far as consequences are concerned.

If you truly care about discovering the things not to do while you’re still healthy pay a visit to an old age home and speak to some of the senior citizens. While most people pay attention to the outside skin texture, it is the condition of the internal organs that will determine you’ll have a healthy or unhealthy future.

Healthy Person Attributes

What are the Attributes of a Healthy Person

1 – Healthy Relationship

I picked this as the number one characteristics that help to determine a healthy person because we’re all loving creatures in one form or another. I can assure that it is better to be alone than to be involved in a toxic relationship.

Ask anyone that have gone through a nasty divorce about the emotional and financial toll it took on them afterward. People can become evil when it comes to breaking up of a loving relationship, so it is better to take your time before jumping into bed with anyone.

Unless it is based on a mutual understanding and respect, it will all fall apart once the sexual vanity wears off. An older couple told me, people nowadays come into relationships with crazy expectations that are internalized from watching too much reality television shows.

Another great advice from a couple that has been married for over forty years is to love yourself first before you can love another person. They also confessed after many hours of conversation that you generally attract what you are.

If you happen to be selfish and inconsiderate, it would be foolish of you to expect someone that is kind and generous. Even if you meet such a person, they will eventually break up with you, which is the reason for our high divorce rate.

So, in your search to remain healthy during your lifetime, do not neglect the need to have a relationship with someone that will make you whole. A toxic relationship will age you faster than you know it, so make your selection wisely, using genuine metrics, not just sex and looks.

2 – Obesity Can Kill

Another aspect of a healthy person is the lack of obesity. Being too fat is a disease in itself, and probably responsible for dozens of other deadly diseases that are killing Millions of Americans on a yearly basis.

While food is needed for sustenance, the quality of the food ingredients you eat on a daily basis can impact your health positively or negatively. Most people have the funds to buy the latest iPhone and yet moan and complain about the high cost of organic food products.

I have a friend that constantly spends top dollars on snakeskin shoes and yet he eats like a pauper on a daily basis. Just because you dress nicely on a daily basis does not mean you’re not obese, which is why it is always better to weigh yourself naked.

Remember that the additional pounds took many months or years to accumulate, so do not fool yourself into thinking you can get rid of it in just a few weeks. Learn to read food labels, count your calories, and get off your butt and do some physical exercises if you want to remain in good shape.

Being in shape is one of the top characteristics of a healthy person, which cannot be camouflaged for too long.

3 – Food Can Heal or Kill You

It is no exaggeration if I told you that about 50% to 60% of the food ingredients sold to Americans are poisoned in one form or another. If you enjoy any type of slaughtered meat, your health will be affected negatively as the chemicals fed to the animals works its way through your system.

I will not get into the debate about what constitutes healthy dieting, but the less processed food you eat the much better will be your health. I plead with you to cook your own food. The same people that complain they do not have time to cook will spend hours or few minutes on social media sites doing nonsense things.

If you entrust your dietary needs to commercial food establishments with profit motives, do not complain when your health takes a turn for the worse. Learning to cook is probably the easiest thing you can do to improve your health.

Healthy people consume green vegetables on a daily basis. Cooking your own food will also allow you to know what goes into it and the number of calories involved. Another interesting point to remember, try to masticate your food properly before swallowing.

4 – Drink Plenty of Water

The power of water to keep you healthy is vastly underrated. I will not get into the debate about how many cups of water is sufficient for the body since we’re all different but try your nest to drive as much as you can on a daily basis.

It is water that will flush out some of the toxins present in the foods you just ate. While it is better to drink bottled water, the water coming out of your kitchen faucet will do your body harm over the long run.

Most of the healthy people I know drink plenty of water on a daily basis, so should you, if you want your body to remain healthy into your old age.

5 – Refrain from Consuming Intoxicants

Consuming intoxicants probably kills millions of Americans on a yearly basis. That beer or wine that you’re drinking comes with a warning label that says it can cause health problems, but most will just pretend it will not affect them.

It took a while for me to realize that I can still have fun without drinking alcohol of any kind. I can laugh, share jokes, and dance into the night without the need for mood altering substances. Smoking of any kind is bad for your health, including the heavily promoted weed.

Most doctors would agree that health woes that show up in your old age can be traced to all the intoxicants you consumed growing up. Do not think for one minute just because most people you know drink alcohol makes it a healthy product to consume.

6 – Watch less Television

The social degradation in America today can be traced to all the television programming that occurred over the years. Television works on your subconscious mind and it will reprogram it whether you agree with the content or not.

Healthy people that I know do things rather than spend hours in front of a hypnotic device on a daily basis. If you do not know how subconscious programming works I suggest you Google it for some suggestions.

7 – Stay and Think Positive

Do not ignore the power of positive thinking to keep you healthy. I have come to realize that what you think about eventually shows up in your life. If you constantly believe everything is bad and the world is collapsing that is what will show up in your life, especially in what you manifest on a daily basis.

Healthy people keep a positive attitude about things. Do not let the news media convince you that the whole world is going to hell, for there are many exceptional things happening in the world if you take the time to discover them for yourself.

So, a healthy person is one who is cautious about what he or she eats, exercises regularly, think positively, and refrains from consuming intoxicants on a daily basis.