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Vikings Blade the Chieftain Safety Razor Review

One of the most difficult task for a guy to master is deciding if to keep facial hairs, and then if the answer is affirmative, he must figure out a way to trim it neatly, to keep from looking like the caveman from generations ago.

It is also true that some men would rather have a mustache and loose the beard or a combination of both sideburns and mustache. And for the manly man that likes nothing to get in the way of a lovely kiss from his lady, shaving it all off is the way to go, which is what I do on a daily basis with my Vikings Blade chieftain safety razor.

Regardless of your choice, you’ll be needing a shaving tool to keep your face looking like a human being. While there are many safety razors one can buy online, my favorite brand happens to be the one from Vikings Blade.

This happens to be the leading safety razor for men based on my personal experience, although my boss will argue that the Edwin Jagger DE89bl is a better brand, which is the one he uses on a daily basis.

After losing my last job to a jealous boss I have learned to let my immediate superior at work to be right most of the time. Come to think of it, shaving is not a topic you want to argue about anyway because each man has his own unique way of removing the stubble.

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I will not try to convince you as to the merit of buying the Vikings blade the chieftain safety razor, for I will assume you’ll be swayed after reading this critique.

If you’re convinced already that this is the right razor for your face and don’t want to read any more of my humorous jokes, just click any of the images found on this post to go directly to the products page where you can order now and have it shipped to you very fast.

For those that have the time and want to know more about this awesome razor with a butterfly design, let’s continue with a brief history of the manufacturer.

What about the History of Vikings Blade Safety Razor

This company used to be named Julian Vue and a smart branding expert probably suggested they switch it to Vikings Blade, which is pure brilliance. The present owner of this business is the third generation owner, but he cleverly did not mention if he bought it or inherited from the original creators.

My apologies, carefully hidden within the biography page on their website it clearly states that he inhered it from his grandfather, wish I was that fortunate to be born into a rich family with a razor business.

Not meant as an insult to mom and dad, I still love you both, just wish you had more money to pass down to your kids.

Anyway, the company used to be known for making shaving creams and soaps, but they slowly moved on to making shaving brushes and safety razors several decades ago.

As of today, they manufacture some of the top safety razors sold at premium prices by well-established brands. The razor itself is comfortable to hold and can be used to get one of the most comfortable close shaves you’ve ever had.

Features of the Vikings Blade the Chieftain Safety Razor

Features of the Vikings Blade the Chieftain Safety Razor


Some of the most incredible features that would make you want to invest in this amazing razor with a butterfly design can be found below.

1 – It is Comfortable to Hold

Guys that love to shave every day know what I am talking about! If you find that you keep dropping your present safety razor as you shave, dump that “old weasel” in the garbage can and just order this one today.

The groves on the handle of this safety razor make it easy to shave with. The lengthy handle makes it comfortable to hold, and men with long or short hands will enjoy shaving with it on a regular basis.

If you consider shaving as a chore this razor from Vikings Blade might make it a more enjoyable activity. Do not be surprised if your lady friend experiments with the safety razor to remove hairs from all over her body.

That happened to me and I just bought one for her to keep the peace in the relationship. Shaving tools like a razor are personal and sacred, but a sensitive chick might take it another way to create an unnecessary argument.

2 – Impressive Material and Finish

If you’re looking for one of those poorly made cheap safety razors that will only last you a couple of months, this is the wrong brand to consider, for it just might be too good for your taste. It will be like giving a Mercedes-Benz to someone that used to drive a Subaru, they just might not appreciate it.

The metals used to manufacture this “bad boy” reeks of high quality. I assume friends visiting your residence are honorable and will not walk away with this razor. Personally, I have a locked cabinet in my bathroom, which means my things will always remain private to prying eyes.

3 – Good Design Metrics

Apart from the high-quality materials used to make the Viking’s blade razor, it is also quite easy to master and use. The advanced butterfly design will allow you to change the blades in mere seconds, with just a slight twist of the knob at the bottom of the handle.

You do not have to worry about accidental cuts when using this razor for it comes with a Micro-comb system. Simply means during shaving it aligns perfectly with your skin as if by magic.

Having said that, shaving is an activity you should conduct when you’re calm and have a few minutes to spare. This is a sharp instrument with some type of protection for the blades, but using it the wrong way can still result in a bloody cut to your face.

4 – The Warranty

I have bought dozens of shaving products in my lifetime, and never once did I encounter one that came with a lifetime international guarantee like this one.

When was the last time you bought a razor with a guarantee for the entire life of the product? Probably never, which just proves that this Vikings blade the chieftain safety razor comes with durability and value, like no other.

The international lifetime guarantee simply means if you move to another country your warranty will still be valid, unlike some high-end brands that restrict their warranty to your present country of residence.

Video Review of the Vikings Blade Safety Razor

If you want to view a video detailing what the Vikings blade safety razor can do for your facial hair just watch the four-minute video about all the impressive features it comes with.

Is it the Best Safety Razor for Men?

That would depend on you the buyer, and your decision to own one or not. It is a fine shaving tool by any stretch of the imagination, and even if you have a face with deep ridges or dimples you can still initiate a comfortable close shave with this safety razor.

The razor itself is made from a unique mixture of bronze and brass alloy, which is then coated with chrome for that shiny look. You get 5-complimentary sharp shaving blades to get you started right away.

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The included bonus case also comes with a mirror. For some of you might think the price might be too high, let me ask you, have you considered what you spend your money on lately? Four dollars for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, a product you can brew at home for pennies per cup.

So, affordability should not be an issue for those that like a clean, close shave with no irritation or bumps. And if you’re a lady considering buying one for your boyfriend or husband, he will always keep you in his heart and private thoughts every time he uses the safety razor from Vikings Blade. Go ahead make your buying decision now, before the special pricing runs out!