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The Original My Pillow Reviews

A college friend recently decided to leave the bachelorhood fraternity and get married. The bride’s parents are wealthy beyond belief, and the wedding ceremony took place on a private island in a lush hotel. In fact, I spent the entire weekend with my friend and in my room were two of the softest and most comfortable pillows I ever slept on.

I did not realize it was the same pillows pitched on television almost every night by that confident, elderly man called Michael J. Lindell. I must confess that throughout my entire stay on that island I kept researching about Mypillow and how it is made.

If you reside in America or Canada, I am sure you have seen the lengthy infomercial touting the benefits of sleeping on one. While some of the claims from the best pillow ever infomercial can be debated, you can find thousands of customers that have tried this product and gave public confessions to using the pillow to get an excellent rest at night.

After three days of sleeping on two Mypillows, am I ready to declare it the most comfortable pillow in the world? Read the entire review to get what I discovered from using two of My pillows during that wedding weekend.

History of My Pillow Brand

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To those of you that still have doubt about the power of television to sell just about any type of product, pay close attention to the success of the Mypillow brand.

This pillow manufacturing company was founded by a guy named Michael J. Lindell in 2004. He believed so much in his design and creation of a soft and comfortable pillow that he sold is other businesses (four bars according to Wikipedia), and also mortgaged his home to get the right capital to fund his new factory.

Like every new enterprise in America, the first few years were tough and he marketed my pillow brand through trade shows, state fairs, and people friendly mall kiosks.

Despite the slow sales, he had faith in the design of his pillows, and he got his big break from a 30-minute infomercial, which at the time was rumored to have cost him about $500,000.

His roll of the dice with this huge capital investment paid off big time. The orders poured in so fast that his sales doubled for several years in a row, and it is still growing as of this day.

If you have a good product, it is your enthusiasm that will carry you through the lean years when all the “Doubting Thomases” will be doing everything in their power to get you to quit. Apart from pillows, this brand also sells mattress toppers, and you can find Mypillow products in major department stores, both retail and online, including QVC.

Perseverance, dedication, and determination, certainly helped Mypillow brand to become the huge success that it is today. This company opened its first retail location in 2012, in the city of Burnsville, Minnesota, and has now grown to about 18 locations in several states.

Mypillow Features

This is certainly one of the most comfortable pillows I ever slept on and the numerous awards from organizations like the National Sleep Foundation cannot be discounted, for the product is dedicated as the only fully recognized pillow.

Whatever the relationship between Mypillow and this organization it is certainly a good thing to have their endorsement.

My pillow uses an open-cell design system that is still patented. Due to the interlocking fill of the poly-foam materials used, the manufacturer claims the pillow will adjust easily to accommodate any sleeping position.

From my three day experiment, Mypillow did offer ample support for my head, neck, and shoulders, since I enjoy sleeping on my back. The claim by some of the users that it will help one get to REM sleep faster is not too far-fetched.

The top features of Mypillow

1 – While I am not an expert in pillow designs, I can tell you that the materials found in Mypillow allow for a natural cooling effect, which contributes to the quiet enjoyment of your sleeping time more than ever before.

2 – I like the fact that it is fully machine washable and can also be dried in any home or commercial dryer.

3 – The sizing comprises of queen and king premium pillows. The true creativity of the brand creator is the use of color coding to indicate the firmness of the pillow. Based on your sleep position preference, the following color codes would help you select the Mypillow for your bed:

My Pillow right color coding

The yellow color is the least firm, which might be appropriate for sleepers that like to feel the softer materials as they go into deep sleep.

The white color code represents medium firmness and might offer the right type of support for those with stiff neck or shoulder pains.

The green color coding found on the Mypillow confirms it is made from real firm materials and might work for those seeking the right type of support for head, neck, and shoulders, as the need for sleep comes calling.

The blue color coding found on the Mypillow brand represent extra firmness and might work for sleepers that like to feel the push of a sleeping pillow against their head while sleeping.

Personally, I prefer my pillow to be extra-soft, and the Mypillows I used were both color coded white, which offer medium firmness, and both proved successful at getting me into REM sleep faster than ever before.

4 – I found the pillows from this brand to be capable of retaining their original shape even as it adjust to the user’s sleeping preference, which the manufacturer claims is made possible by the inclusion of a special type of resin material.

5 – Some of the feedback from the thousands of users testified to the ability of the pillows to help with the alleviation of sleeping problems like snoring, neck pain, and insomnia.

6 – Most of the users testified to the fact that Mypillow does not come with any odors when first opened from the packaging. The ones I used had a fresh and natural smell, which I enjoyed as I laid my head to restful sleep.

7 – For those of you that have been complaining about the lack of manufacturing in America, this is your chance to support a homegrown business, since all the products made by Mypillow brand are made in the USA, in a large manufacturing plant that can be found in the town of Shakopee, in the state of Minnesota.

8 – Apart from the sixty-day money back guarantee, your Mypillow purchase also comes with a 10-Year Warranty, which is generous by industry standards. To help the environment, each of the Mypillow is shrink-wrapped, meaning it gets an A-plus for perfect eco-friendly shipping.

9 – The hypoallergenic material used to make this sleeping aid product makes it highly resistant to mold, pollen, and dust mites.

This is a true my pillow customer reviews

Care Tips for Your My Pillow

You do not need to use any type of pillow protectors with this product as it might affect the cooling features. All you need is a good brand of 100% cotton pillow sheets and you’re good to go.

You can use the cold or warm water cycle setting on your washer when washing this pillow.

While the manufacturer claims you can use any type of detergent, the maids at the hotel I stayed at during the wedding weekend suggested a mild detergent would do a better job.

They also suggested you do not use any bleach or fabric softener, including any fabric dryer sheets.

Mypillow can be dried on high heat, and the recommended laundering schedule is every four months. The included ten-year warranty also covers any defects that might occur from washing and drying the My pillow product the right way.

Would I recommend My Pillow to a Friend?

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Definitely, yes! But it is not the cheapest sleeping pillows that I have seen in my lifetime. It is certainly better than the memory foam pillows that I currently use. Once you get the right fit, you might never go back to any other type of sleeping pillows.

From all the feedbacks that I explored, some of the disgruntled customers complained about the high pricing, which was not surprising. You should buy your my pillow from Amazon, simply because you get free shipping and you get the best hassle-free return policy from any online retailer.