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HSI Straightener Review

It takes quite a lot of work for a woman to keep a full head of hair curly, and perfectly under control. When I look back, I have probably owned at least 10 different brands of professional flat irons, varying from the cheaply made, to those that cost me a fortune.

We all have our own reasons for keeping our hair straight or curly, and with this ceramic flat iron from HSI professional, you have the ability to create some of the amazing hair styles seen in the glossy magazines.

One hard lesson I have learned over the years is never to lend out your beauty hair styling tools to anyone, not even your next door neighbor. There two kinds of friends I try to stay away from, the ones that like to borrow and never return stuff, and the ones that just take your stuff without really asking.

Some of my curling flat irons simply vanished over the years, and now I find myself investing in this HSI professional flat iron. I have an old one that used to be good at curling my hair but now pulls my hair out whenever the hair strands get caught within the styling plate.

I did not get mine for a discount, neither was I bribed to say nice things about this ceramic flat iron.

First Impression of the HSI Professional Flat Iron

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The delivery itself took about three days thanks to my membership in Amazon Prime. For the low price I paid, the packaging was quite impressive. This product is only available in one color, which you can call black or dark gray.

Included in the packaging is a well-designed carry pouch and just one glove, which you can use to hold the styling tool while it’s hot. I soon discovered this flat iron from HSI gets hot really fast and the glove was essential in the way I handled the professional styling tool.

I choose this brand because of the thousands of feedbacks found online, and one of the most mentioned features is the ability of the flat iron to fight frizz, which my old curling iron simply could not do.

With my first use of the HSI profProfessionalr straightener, I like the fact that it hard adjustable temperature settings that can go from 240F to 400F in just a few seconds.

The Features as Per the Manufacturer

One of my bad habit with a new hair styling tool that I am familiar with is never bothering to read the included brochure unless I run into a problem. So, let’s examine what the manufacturer has to say about this product.

The unique features found in the Professional HSI Flat Iron can help you transform dull looking hair into curly or straight hair styles within minutes. My initial test confirmed that it can be used to curl, straighten, and flip just about any type of coarse hair.

The use of advanced infrared heat creating technology helps to enhance the power of the solid ceramic tourmaline plates. It is the plates that help to create silkier and shinier finish to make you look like you just came out of a professional styling salon.

The one-inch plate has the right width to handle different types of hair length, including the needs of hairstyles with bangs.

Forget those annoying tangling cord found in other brands, for the HSI, has a cord with 360-degrees swiveling ability. Some of the users said the cord itself is well over seven feet long, but I did not measure it, so don’t hold me to that claim.

The temperature levels that can be reached by this curling iron is within the user’s control since it is adjustable.

This professional flat iron from HSI uses dual voltage settings, which means it is compatible with 110v-220v. With the included travel pouch, the HSI hair straightener can be used in just about any country in the world.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the HSI Flat Iron

Now that we got the positive views about the product from the manufacturer out of the way, let’s see what some of the real life users of the hair flat iron from HSI have to say. Mind you, the pros and cons of this salon quality styling flat iron will also include mine since I am an actual user of the product.


Based on the thousands of feedbacks I looked at online, most of the users appreciated that this styling iron is able to heat up quickly, and the tourmaline-infused plates help to keep the heat consistent throughout your styling session. The ionization of the plates means the heat will not drain out the moisture present in your hair during styling.

Some of the users called it the right straightener to use if you want to hold fine hair in place. It is also a godsend salon quality styling tool for women with coarse hair.

Amazingly, the appreciation for what the HSI professional hair straightener can do for one’s hair came from both black and white women, with different textures of hairdos and styles.

Most were happy with the affordable pricing of the HSI flat iron. Most called the inclusion of a well-made travel pouch, a handy touch that should be copied by other hair straightener brands.


The unanimity of agreement from users of any widely distributed beauty product is almost impossible to find in this digital world. While the vast majority of the purchasers love what this styling flat iron can do, some were not pleased with its performance.

Few of the users complained the heat generated by the flat iron is not evenly distributed, which might lead to sections of your hair not completely perfect like the others.

Another con of the product is the high learning curve required to master the right way to use the HSI flat iron. I do agree with this con, for you do need a few practices before you can master the handling and use of the HSI straightener the right way.

The lack of an on and off switch was quite shocking for such a well-made product. Do not leave it on and go about doing other things for you just might burn your house down if it is placed on a flammable material.

Just like in the beauty salon, use it, and unplug it, and be done with it. My biggest gripe and that of other users are the lack of color choices.

Bottom Line


Based on my analysis of the satisfaction rating for this product, out of 5-stars:

71% gave it 5-stars
14% gave the product 4-stars
5% gave the HSI flat iron 3-stars
4% gave it 2-stars
And about 6% of the people that bought the product gave it only 1-star.

This all translates to an average rating of 4.4-stars out of 5-stars, which is quite impressive, based on the thousands of units sold. From my research, this flat iron is as good as it gets.

In my opinion, it is the leading ceramic hair straightener within that price range. In fact, the performance that I have gotten from this product far surpasses what was delivered by other top 10 flat irons with higher price tags.

This ceramic flat iron from HSI has all the features needed for you to use it to create stunning curls or straighten coarse hair into professional looking perfection. This flat iron is that good, and it is not the type of hair styling tool you lend out to anyone.

If you love your girlfriends, send them a link to this HSI professional flat iron reviews, or just buy them one as a gift. Whatever you do, keep your HSI styling iron to yourself that is if you want it to last very long!