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Some of the Pertinent Facts About Himalayan Salt Lamps

Lately, there is no denying the growing popularity of Himalayan salt lamps and what they can do to help with the type of air you have in your living quarters. Is the hype about this unique product justified by all the empirical evidence?

Only time will tell, but we do have a responsibility to answer some of the growing questions posted online about the power of a salt lamp to influence the air you breathe in inside your home.

The list of questions grows every day as this product becomes better known by the citizens of the world. The purpose of this article is not to discuss the ways of making sure you end up purchasing only the most authentic Himalayan salt lamp for your home.

The aim is to provide relevant answers to the growing list of questions about what is a salt lamp, some of the perceived benefits, how it functions, what it cannot do, how to make sure you end up with a genuine brand, the myths, history, and folklore behind it all.

Questions and Answers about Himalayan Salt Lamps

Facts About Himalayan Salt Lamps

The list of questions are by no means complete, so it would be helpful if you discover new ones to list them in the comment section, and we will find the relevant and correct answers to limit the confusion about what salt lamps can or cannot do.

1 – What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

The question of what is Himalayan salt lamp is probably the most popular one online. A good Himalayan salt lamp is just a pinkish rock salt with a carefully embedded bulb within.

The inclusion of the bulb is not to provide lighting but to heat the salt up so that it can attract some of the ions in your living space to make them cleaner and more beneficial to the occupants.

The rock salt can either be in small chunks and placed in a basket with the bulb underneath, or it can be a single huge piece with a hollowed space to accommodate a reflective light bulb.

While the lighting provided by a salt lamp can be used as a decorative piece, the real advantage is the many benefits most people expect from using one within their dwelling space.

2 – What Does a Himalayan Salt Lamp Do?

This question is related to how do salt lamps work. Once the salt is heated it will become moist and attract humidity within the atmosphere, the aim being to bind together the positive and negative ions to positively affect the quality of air within any living space.

Since it is capable of attracting irritants and allergens in the air, most will be trapped within the salt lamp, which ultimately leads to cleaner air within your apartment. Salt lamps are very good at eliminating smog from all your electrical devices, which will lead to better air quality.

3 – Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Really Work?

From my personal experience of using several brands in my home, I can assure you that the air quality within your living quarters will get better in due time. The initial effect of turning on a lamp using Himalayan salt is subtle, and might not be noticeable.

You should turn it on in your bedroom and leave it running for a few hours. Give it a few hours to neutralize the impurities in that room. When you open the room after a few hours of the Himalayan salt lamp cleaning out the impurities, you should feel and notice the difference in air quality.

4 – What is a Salt Lamp Made of?

The brand you choose to buy will either have several chunks of the rock salt in a basket with a light bulb placed underneath to heat it up or a single huge rock salt with a hollowed space to accommodate the light bulb.

The single piece Himalayan salt lamp will have a wooden base and set up like a regular lamp. It is true that the wooden base Himalayan salt lamp will make a good decorative piece in any modern living room, while the basket design for salt lamps will be most appropriate for any bedroom.

Guests are usually intrigued about what they do and you should be prepared to answer all the questions that will come your way if you do decide to buy one to improve the air quality in your home.

5 – How long does a Himalayan Salt Lamp Last?

Like everything else, it would depend on your diligence in caring for the lamp. Each brand will have the required maintenance steps to keep the unit running optimally, and that is even more relevant if your indoor air is poor or filled with toxins.

If you place one next to your dryer with all the lint, the unit will not last, neither will it perform as expected. So, how long do Himalayan salt lamps last will depend on your living space and where you choose to place the unit?

6 – Are Salt Lamps Safe to Leave on?

I have used them for several years and yet to experience any problems, despite the fact they run continuously in my home to purify the air within.

Please do not suspend common sense when deciding on the ideal location to place one, especially if the Himalayan lamp uses a basket design to deliver the benefits. Try not to place the lamp that uses Himalayan salts where they can be easily tripped, especially if you have little kids or pets.

7 – Are Salt Lamps Good for Pets?

Definitely yes, as they like cleaner air quality, just like humans do. Do not be surprised if your pet stares at the lamp when you first set it up for hours at a time. I have two dogs, and it took several warnings before they left the unit alone to do its job of cleaning the indoor air.

I fact, my dog barked at the lamp for several days for no reason at all. That reaction from my pet baffled me at first, but eventually, the bond between the salt lamp and my dog was established, and the barking stopped, except for the occasional stare at the glow of the lamp itself.

8 – Salt Lamp Dangers

Despite the fact that they’re designed to use small wattage bulbs you still need to exercise common sense since it uses electrical current. The most obvious salt lamp danger is to never place one near water or in your bathroom.

You should exercise the same caution you use when handling a regular lamp that is made to function with electricity but you need gentle hands to handle the rock salt lamp due to its delicate nature.

9 – Are There any Himalayan Salt Lamp Negative Side Effects?

I have not found one after using several brands for many years within my home. The only side effect I can think of is the need to clean up some of the rock salt droppings on the surface where you placed the unit.

Do not place one on a surface you cherish or wish to preserve, for the salt might be powerful enough to cause wood stains or impact Formica tops negatively.

What is a Salt Lamp Made of

10 – Can Salt Lamps Catch on Fire

If you want to know if your Himalayan salt lamp can catch on fire and burn your house down, the answer is a definite no, but maybe. With the increased popularity of this product, there are now many fakes appearing online, and most will have poor electric wiring that might not be suitable for use in your home.

So to answer your question truthfully, poorly designed salt lamp or fake ones can and might start a fire in your home depending on where it is placed.

Since the lamp is designed to use very low wattage, the chances of starting a fire are insignificant and probably not something you should worry about, but do make sure you buy a genuine brand only.

Can a Himalayan salt lamp be considered a fire hazard, not from my personal experience of using different brands for many years?

11 – Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Health Benefits

There are many benefits one can derive from using a salt lamp within their living quarters and we’ll list just a few of them. You should look at all the claims of health benefits with skepticism. Any health benefit to the product will only be enhanced by the positive attributes of your daily living.

Do not buy one to neutralize the damages done by tobacco smoke to your living space and lungs. I do know that using one in any room will improve the air quality in due time, provided you’re not introducing toxicity into your environment every day.

I have a friend that smoke cigarettes and he wanted to know if the salt lamp can help with asthma. I told him not to waste his money, because the Himalayan salt lamp asthma benefit is a mirage, especially with his toxic lifestyle.

Now, if he gave up smoking, the salt lamp will improve his asthma condition just by removing allergens from his breathing space. Are salt lamps capable of helping allergy sufferers? The jury is still out on that one, as there are many factors that contribute to allergic symptoms, but with a cleaner air, some of the causation factors will be removed.

So, some of the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps are derived from the fact that it will improve the quality of the indoor air you breathe in on a daily basis.

The claims that it can help alleviate the symptoms from asthma, headaches, blood system disorders, rheumatism, are just hyped to sell more of the product. The most obvious benefit is that it will improve the air quality in your immediate environment, which might impact your life positively.

12 – Do Salt Lamps Melt

Over a long period of time, you’ll see salt droppings on the counter where you placed the salt lamp. The severity of the salt melting or dropping will depend on the design and the brand you choose to buy.

13 – How do You Clean a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

The manufacturer will include care instructions in the owner’s manual and that should override any cleaning tips you read about online.

14 – How much are Salt Lamps?

The price for a salt lamp with impressive stats will depend on the features and the brand. The brands with established performance metrics will cost more but deliver more of the benefits one can expect from using one at home or the office. So, your Himalayan salt lamp price will be influenced by the site that is selling the product.

15 – Where to Buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Most of my purchases are made online, and I am careful as to what site to trust with my credit card information. I am yet to buy anything from eBay, due to the lack of adequate protection for consumers, and I would urge you not to shop for your salt lamp on that site, as you never know what type of quality you’ll end up with.

The place to buy your Himalayan salt lamp is Amazon.com, with no hesitation or doubt about the genuineness and quality of the product you’ll have delivered to your doorsteps in two or three days’ time.