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5 of the Most Capable AB Machines on the Market

It is not that people lack the willpower to do what it takes to get rid of obesity, but the lack of knowledge about the right type of home gym equipment to use can form a tough stumbling block to overcome.

While this article will be about how to find a well designed abdominal exercise equipment, it would be appropriate to give out a few tips about what causes weight gain and steps one can take to stay in shape, and healthy.

Even if you find an AB machine that works it is your dedication in using the equipment on a daily basis that would help you build a newer physique. As a fitness trainer that deals with all kinds of obesity issues on a daily basis, the stomach area will probably bear the brunt of eating too much food.

Have you noticed how your stomach will rise up the more you eat? Why do people continue eating even thou the stomach appears full? If you can get your own AB machine for home, you might be able to fight off protruding stomach provided you do the workouts recommended.

Best AB Machine

What Causes a Fat Stomach?

Contrary to what most people think, a fat stomach cannot be created in just a few days. It takes a while for the fat around your stomach area to accumulate and become a nuisance that can impact your quality of life negatively. A fat tummy can be caused by the following:

After Pregnancy Residue

When a woman is pregnant she tends to eat more than her usual share of food since the baby forming inside her stomach must also be fed. While some women will use pregnancy as an excuse to overeat, the real issue will begin after the baby is born.

That is why I advise female clients going through pregnancy to have a workout plan in place to help get rid of the excess pounds. Getting your ABs back to normal size is possible even if you just delivered twins, but it requires hard daily workout routines.

Blame Your Calories

If you fail to count calories as you consume all kinds of foodstuffs on a daily basis, you’re more likely to overeat and get fat within a short period of time. My first question to a new client seeking my help to get back in shape is how do he or she calculate calories consumed on a daily basis?

Most would admit they never paid attention to such things, which ultimately leads to obesity with out of shape tummy. Some might not realize this, but it is the drinks with high sugar contents that cause most of the weight gain in people. Any high corn fructose drink can be the catalyst that helps to create massive weight gain after a heavy meal.

Consumption of Intoxicants

In this modern age, there are thousands of products that are designed to get you addicted after the first time. Most intoxicants will not only impair your senses and beauty but also cause you to gain weight in all the wrong places.

Any product that alters your perception of reality will cause you to gain weight in due time. Smoking creates the appetite to eat the wrong types of food, while alcohol ensures the opportunity to partake in the wrong meal will come your way.

There are many other reasons one can point to why your AB is out of shape, but now, let’s explore some of the sensible preventive steps before investing in some of the products found in this AB machines reviews.

Tips to Prevent a Fat Stomach

A – The most obvious weight loss rule is quite simple but hard to implement without self-control and discipline, which simply translates to burning more calories than you consume every day. Count your calories and make water your beverage of choice. The last time I checked, no one ever got fat from drinking too much water.

B – The second most obvious rule to prevent a fat stomach from developing is to get your ass off your couch and start doing some daily exercises. Celebrities work very hard to get that awesome body most people admire, and you too can create a new physique provided you put in the work. Plastic surgery can only do but so much, but it is constant workouts that will keep one in shape.

C – Your desire to invest in the high performing machine for ABs is commendable, but that only will not get you in shape unless you utilize it on a daily basis. I have clients that own the latest best home gym equipment one can buy online and yet they find it hard to lose weight in all the right places.

Your AB machine will only work to help you get the right sexy ABs provided you utilize it regularly. If you’re not the type to look in the mirror and see your fat tummy is affecting your quality of life negatively, you should just join a gym for proper guidance with the right fitness equipment.

Using an AB machine at home requires dedication and commitment, which, unfortunately, some might not be able to muster up on a daily basis. Keep in mind that it is the consistency of effort using your AB equipment that will get you awesome results.

AB Machines Reviews

It is not that easy to buy the best AB machine on the market as there are many brands claiming to have all the right features. I have used my many years of training regular folks and a few of the so-called celebrities to come up with some of the machines found in this post.

An AB workout machine for home gym should not only be well designed but also easy to use. I am confident you can find the one that will work for you among the 5 brands reviewed in this article.

I also took into consideration the number of units sold, feedbacks from current users, and the reputation of the manufacturer.

If you’re determined to create slimmer ABs in the comfort of your own home, here are the top-rated machines to help you get the most from your tummy reducing workouts:

1 – XMark 12 Position AB Bench XM-4416.1

XMark 12 Position Adjustable AB Bench XM-4416.1 Review

Your determination to lose weight with a well-developed AB can be made possible if you own this first machine that will be reviewed. It is made by a company called XMark and the bench can be adjusted into twelve different positions, which offers you the ability to do various types of abdomen exercises using different angles.

This AB adjustable bench is ergonomically designed and will not cause any back or leg strain if used the right way. It requires very little space and can be easily put away for storage after each use. Some of the most impressive features of the adjustable AB bench XM-4416 are:

Features of the XMark Adjustable AB Bench

The fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty means you can buy one today with total confidence that the solid construction of this AB equipment is backed fully by the manufacturer for as long as you own it.

The adjustment features include 12 vertical height adjustments, which allows you to perform multiple types of abdominal exercises for a stronger core.

Not only does it come with leg rollers with pads there is also a handle that offers the right support as you begin and finish your exercises.

This AB equipment from XMark is not only double stitched, for it is also built to withstand sweat and the duraguard vinyl is resistant to tear.

Some have called it the most capable workout machine for ABs simply because it is made to be scratch resistant and comes with rubber feet that are skid resistant during your workouts.

2 – Perfect AB-Carver Pro

Perfect AB-Carver Pro Review

The AB Carver Pro equipment might not look like much until you get it into your home gym and give a thorough workout. After reading about several AB carver pro success stories, this fitness tool is certainly not for everyone, for you must have the right motivation, determination, and exercises, to get awesome results.

Features of the Perfect AB-Carver Pro

The fact that it comes with a wider wheel gives you the ability to conduct plenty of workouts that will benefit your arm and abdominal muscles.

The performance grips are made out of rubberized materials, which not only ensures there will be no slipping during your workouts but also guarantees the right stability control.

The included knee pads are made out of high-density foam materials, which ensures better comfort during your workouts.

The AB roller pro itself is made out of carbon steel with internal springs that react to your rolling movements.

If you have doubt about how to use the equipment there is a downloadable 21-day workout plan to get you started the right way?

From all the Perfect AB-Carver Pro reviews and feedbacks from existing customers, it is obvious this equipment is friendly to beginners and fitness professionals alike.

The workouts included with your purchase will not only train your abdominal muscles, but also the muscles in your arms, back, shoulders, thighs, and chest.

This simple to use exercise machine for ABs comes with a one-year limited warranty.

3 – Marcy Roman Chair

Marcy Roman Chair Review

Another durable AB equipment with an impressive performance record is the Marcy Roman chair with all its excellent features. While some would look at it and think it is only good for working out lower back muscles, the exercises you do can also target your abdominal and gluteal muscle groups.

Features of the Marcy Roman Workout Chair

It is made out of 14-inch gauge steel tubing and comes with a powder coated finish. To ensure better comfort the workout area of the equipment is covered by vinyl upholstery and high-density foam materials.

Apart from the handles that are padded to provide excellent grip during your workouts, the ankle pads are made to be adjustable, which means you can use it effectively to do many types of core exercises.

The maximum weight for this AB equipment from Marcy is 300 pounds and you also get a two-year limited warranty to cover any potential factory defects.

The above video vividly explains what one can do on the Marcy Roman chair for better ABs and better leg, arm, and thigh muscles.

4 – Wonder Core Smart Fitness Equipment

Wonder Core Smart Fitness Equipment Review

I am sure you’ve seen this AB machine pedaled on your television set during those lengthy infomercials. Well, do not let the simplicity of what you saw on TV fool you into thinking it requires little to no effort.

It is a good equipment for toning different muscle groups but your results will be determined by your dedication to the provided workouts.

Features of the Wonder Core Smart Fitness Tool

It is delivered to your doorstep fully assembled, which means it is ready for use as soon as you get it.

This total body workout machine requires very little floor space and can be easily put away for storage after each use to hide the secret of your new physique.

This fitness tool is designed to work out your entire core and can be described as the most effective home exercise fitness tool ever designed.

5 – AB-WOW AB Roller Abdominal Exercise Equipment

AB-WOW AB Roller Abdominal Exercise Equipment Review

This is another perfect AB roller workout wheel from a company called Youactive Sports. The simplicity of its design is also matched by the impressive performance from all the feedback provided by current users of the product.

AB WOW Abdominal Exercise Equipment features

The Youactive Sports AB roller wheel is designed to allow you to not only burn fat but also build muscle in all the right places. With this equipment, it will be quite easy to target your lower back and core muscles to help you create that hourglass figure you’ve always wanted.

Do not be fooled by the low pricing, for this tool can be used effectively in your own home to get the same results one can expect from a high-end gym. It is also noteworthy that this home gym AB equipment comes with a lifetime warranty that covers all the essential parts.