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Why I Love Using The Braun Series 5 550cc Shaver System


If you’re looking for a reliable company for your electric shaver, the Braun series 5 shaver 550cc is from a manufacturer with one of the best most solid reputation in the industry.

The shaver is designed to consume less power. It has an Activelift patented technology that helps it deliver a comfortable close shave in a very short period of time.


It’s hard to find a product that would please everyone, and the Braun series 5 550cc has some negative feedback Some customers complained about the longevity of the charging base.

Some said it only lasted for one year before developing problems. Be mindful, the product received 4.5 stars out of 5 stars available in online customer reviews. Some of the issues might be as a result of user metrics and poor maintenance.

The Verdict:

Should you buy the Braun series 5 550cc shaver system? The answer is a resounding yes if you consider the awesome features and excellent online reviews at Amazon.

Some of the features you find in this electric shaver is unique to the Braun series 5 line of shavers. This is a solid product from a well regarded company that has all the resources needed to stand behind the warranty offered.

Regardless of your face structure and skin, it is every man’s right to get a comfortable shave without any fear of getting nicks, bumps, or ingrown hair.

In this article, we’ll see how the Braun series 5 550cc shaver system has some patented features that make shaving easier to accomplish on a daily basis.

The Activelift technology helps to raise the facial hairs before it is swiftly cut by the sharp razors. Within the device is a well-hidden trimmer that can be activated with just the push of a button.

Why I Love Using The Braun Series 5 550cc Shaver System


This portable electric shaver comes with specially made adaptive head, that’s designed to contour to the shape of your face structure.

Apart from offering incredible control and comfort, the Braun series 5 shaver 550cc is designed to automatically clean itself with just the push of a button.

The ergonomic design of the 5 550cc shaver system is commendable, as it can satisfy men with small and large hands.

One of the best aspects of this shaver from Braun is that it has a short learning curve and capable of enabling the most comfortable close shave any man would be proud of.

Braun series 5 550cc Features

You’re certainly on the wrong mindset if you’re thinking this is just another electric shaver with some cool features.

Some of the features listed below are unique to the shaver, and patented by the manufacturer.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider getting your own Braun 5 series 550cc razor.

OptiFoil Technology. This is one of the features that makes wet dry shavers better at cutting and shaving facial hair, than older models of electric shavers of the past.

The shaving foil design is what allows the portable electric razor to capture more facial hair, and can cut deeper than most other types of razors, both manual and electric.

Regardless if you have long or short facial hairs, they’re bound to be captured in the OptiFoil shaving design system for easy elimination,

Cutting System that offers Triple Action. Another excellent feature is the triple action cutting system that’s designed to shave to both short and long hairs, with ease.

Since you’re in charge of what type of hair you’re cutting, the problems of skin irritation or bumps after shaving is greatly negated.

Completely waterproof. The Braun series 5 shaver 550cc comes with a body that’s completely sealed from the outside elements.

Meaning, you can wash it easily under running water, without fear of any damage to the electrical components.

It’s nice to know rinsing the shaver would not negatively affect the electrical parts!

The Battery is Rechargeable. Within the device is a powerful Li-Ion battery, that’s designed to be rechargeable without any after-effects of repeated charging.

braun series 5 550cc review


With the battery fully charged, you can just about use this shaver almost anywhere.

In case of an emergency situation, whereby you forgot to leave the shaver in its charging base, you can utilize the quick 5-minute charge to enable enough power for at least one complete comfortable close shave.

The Shaving Head Contours and Adapts. We humans, all have unique features and bone facial structures.

That is why you would like what the Contour Adaptive Shaving Head feature can do for your shaving. Braun 5 series 550cc razor is designed to follow the contours of your face, rather than against it.

This makes it easier to shave those hard to reach places like your jaw and chin line.

Hidden Precision Long Hair Trimmer. Just looking at the electric shaver from Braun you would not notice the trimmer because it’s hidden and can be activated with just the push of a button.

You can use it to trim your beard, mustache or sideburns.

Activelift Technology. This works well in conjunction with the trimmer, to lift and cut flat-lying hair.

Even while shaving, this feature engages to lift all flat lying hairs, thus making them easier to eliminate without any ingrown hair problems.

LED Display that has 2-stage. Finding out about your battery and charging status is easier with this feature.

You’ll see a warning sign when the battery needs to be recharged. Now you can kiss all the guessing goodbye, as you’ll know how much battery power you have left with this shaver, thus negating any nasty loss of power surprises.

Patented Clean & Renew System. One of the biggest issues with electric shavers is how to keep them clean with minimal efforts.

With the Braun series 5 550cc shaver system you can clean, dry, and lubricate your shaver with just the push of a button.

Within the shaver is an alcohol based cleaning solution that can eliminate most germs from the blades as it cleans.

It induces a fresh lemon scent after every cleaning action. Apart from lubricating the shaver parts, the battery would be charged automatically after the cleaning process.

Be sure to shake off any excess water from the shaver, before place it in the charging base for the cleaning action.

Braun series 5 550cc is a dry wet shaver that’s loaded with modern technology that makes it easier to remove mustache beard and sideburns.

The automatic cleaning system located within the Braun series 5 shaver 550cc just makes it easier to use and maintain the product, with very minimal effort.


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