Why Eating Meat is Detrimental to Good Health

About ten years ago I visited a cattle and pork farm, and what I saw affected me profoundly. Apart from the sad conditions of the animals waiting to be slaughtered, the filth surrounding the whole process made me stop eating meat altogether.

Most people are not aware that 70% of meat content is water, and the rest are some vitamins and bad elements passed on by the killed animals. Now you know why the present day meat is not edible unless it is seasoned. The way cows, pigs, and other livestock are raised should concern all health, conscious individuals.

If you could care less about the way that tasty hamburger is sourced, be my guest and continue your gluttonous ways. I will not be present when health diseases related to meat consumption starts to manifest themselves within your internal organs.

red meat and heart disease

Despite the publicity stunt that most humans in America are living longer, most of our senior citizens are suffering from various health conditions that can be traced to meat consumption.

It has been established through several studies, if your diet is heavy on meat and cheese, the harmful effects to your internal organs might just be as bad as smoking on a regular basis. Apart from all the scientific research that now shows eating meat leads to so many different diseases, here is a simple test to do.

After eating your usual meat meal, how do you feel? Do you feel energized or not? Do you feel like just seating down and rest? Most meat based diet will make you tired after consuming it. Rarely do you get the same feelings from a bowl of salad or by just eating nutritious fruits and vegetables.

In our present day America, meat consumption is at least 60% higher than in Europe. We also lead the world in general meat consumption.

Most of the meats we eat are from genetically modified animals, and most contain growth hormones, pesticides, antibiotics and many other dangerous additives that will impact your health negatively in the long run.

Despite all the hoopla from industry-sponsored publications, you don’t need to eat meat to have a satisfying nutritional meal plan. The little vitamins found in meat products can be sourced from other more edible natural foods that are good for your body.

Health and Environmental Consequences of Meat Consumption

The environmental and health costs of eating meat are enormous to say the least. Some of the following negative factors might make you want to take up eating salad on a regular basis for better and most productive health.

dangers of eating pork

1 – Fat Intake

I am yet to find an obese person eating mostly fruits and vegetables. Meat consumption is a source of bad saturated fat, which is a major contributing agent to major weight gain. The present day meats are sourced from animals raised in bad environments, with no grazing or exercising capabilities.

Pay a visit to any animal farm and you’ll find them stuck in a cage eating foods containing high amounts of unhealthy fat deposits. You become what you eat is an appropriate adage to apply here.

2 – Red Meat and Heart Disease

Most of the saturated fats derived from eating meat are deposited in your arteries. Heart disease and high blood pressure are ever more prevalent in meat eaters than other non-meat eaters. Pay a visit to your local hospital and what you find might affect you profoundly.

More and more of our elders are sick, and they pose a huge burden on our health care system. The accumulation of toxic substances only grows as you eat more meat. It’s not surprising America leads the world in Obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and much more.

3 – Meat Consumption Shortens Your Lifespan

Apart from affecting your quality of life, eating meat might also shorten you lifespan years. Not only will you be happier and healthier from eating fruits, vegetables, nuts etc., but your lifespan might also be increased substantially.

4 – Pink Slime in Your Diet

If you love ground beef, you should know that meat additives are added to increase content. The additives are made from fatty bits of leftover meats that have been heated and treated with ammonia gas to try to remove bacteria.

Your average supermarket ground beef contains at least 30% additives. The ammonia used in the treatment might allow pathogens to enter the food supply.

The real danger is that you’ll bring these bacteria home with you as you prepare your meal. If you can, try to sneak into the back-end of your local supermarket to see the conditions of the meat products before they’re packaged for sale.

5 – Use of Meat Glue

That round filet mignon you’re looking at your local store most likely contains transglutaminase, which is popularly known as “meat glue”. This is what makes it possible to see all those boneless meat products all sourced from different animals and glued to make it appealing for sale.

This ingredient is made through fermentation of bacteria. It is what makes it possible to find many packed boneless slices of meat for sale at your local supermarket. Transglutaminase can also be found in yogurt, cereal, tofu etc.

meat and cancer

6 – Mother Earth is suffering from Livestock Production

It takes a lot of resources to bring you all those cheap and readily available meat products. When you look at the impact of livestock production on our land, water, energy and land resources, it is mostly a negative one.

If not for huge government subsidies, meat farming at current prices would actually be a money losing enterprise. The billions of pounds of animal waste affect negatively our water supply resources.

7 – Animals are Just like Humans

If you doubt some of the facts in this article, try your best to visit a local animal farm house or your neighborhood supermarket back-end meat department.

While millions of Americans own pets like dogs and cats, in some countries they are considered edible meats for consumption. Your sympathy for pets must be extended to other animals if you want to be true to yourself.

If you see the way chickens, pigs, cows are breed; you’ll not eat meat anymore. Most of the animals are sick and overweight and you can find same conditions in humans that like to consume them on a daily basis.

Here is a video that shows some of the horrible conditions animals go through right before mutilation, torture and packaging for food.

8 – Meat Eating Increases Your Chances of Getting Type 2 Diabetes

Your consumption of processed meat over several years will definitely increase your chances of developing type 2 diabetes. If your meal plan is rich in animal products, you’ll most likely become obese within a very short time, thus increasing your chances of suffering from the effects of type 2 diabetes.

9 – Higher Consumption of Growth Hormones

Growth hormones are normally fed to the animals, and it is eventually passed on those that eat the meat products. Have you noticed the increased cases of all types of cancer both in America and other countries?

The desire by animal farmers to fatten the cows, pigs and chicken for more profit is not a good trend, and will continue as long as consumers eat without asking good relevant questions. The dangerous hormones given to animals are eventually passed on to the clueless eaters of the meat product.

Another trend most people tend to ignore is the growth of large breast among men all over the world. Little girls are now reaching puberty at early ages, due to the prevalence of growth hormones in meats we eat. Do not be fooled by the industry-supported slogan of the “other white meat”, for the danger of eating pork is ever present in every bite you take.

Good video for those interested in finding out some of the nasty tricks done by supermarkets, in the packaging area hidden from consumers.

Final Thoughts

Most people that would not hesitate to eat cow will proudly claim they love dogs and would never think of eating one. But do you know in some Asian countries and parts of the world, our so called friendly pets are considered edible meats. Most animals are similar to humans, and love for your dogs and cats should be extended to cattle, pigs, cows and horses.

You should know that pig genetic makeup is 98% like humans. A pig is as smart as a three year old child. The animals feel pain, pleasure and happiness like humans. Animals have feelings, and the sadness shown in their eyes when slaughtered will make you think twice before consuming that steak or pork product.

What you choose to eat is eventually up to you, but do know there are bad health consequences from eating meats of all kind. The symptoms of your meat gluttonous ways might not show up yet, but you can be sure that the days to suffer the consequences are fast approaching.

You can prolong the quality of your living by eating healthy nutritious diets that are in tune with nature. Foods that make you tired and sleepy should be avoided at all cost. Eating red meat and heart disease go hand in hand.

There are more meat consumption health risks one can find online, with just a few searches. Hopefully, this article has created a spark within you to extend your love for pets to other animals that you presently view as good food source.

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