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Weishi Double Edged Safety Razor

For those that like old fashion wet shaving, the Weishi classic double-edge razor is designed with quality in mind and is actually based on an old Gillette patent.

As you know, double edge razor blades are cheap but good safety razors can be costly except for the one from Weishi.

Why waste your money on expensive cartridges or Weishi Double Edged Safety Razordisposable razors, when you can use the Weishi classic double-edge razor to get the most comfortable close shave.

The Weishi DE safety razor is quite unique from the other safety razors you find on the market today.

Due to its cheap price, some might be wondering if the Weishi safety razor can deliver a close shave. Some of the answers might actually surprise you!

Some of the Pros & Cons of the Weishi Double Edged Safety Razor

Weishi Double Edged Safety Razor

First a look at the pros of this cheap safety razor. You can buy this DE safety razor for less than $17 from most stores online, or you can even get a better deal through the link above or below.

This is a great razor for any beginner shaver trying to experience the comfort and power of old fashion shaving.

This great razor is an exceptional deal for newbies, but for all the experienced safety razor users out there, this safety razor would not disappoint performance wise.

All jokes aside, this cheap DE safety razor will serve all wet shaver enthusiasts, admirably.

One of the aspects that stands out when you first look at this safety razor is the different designs they come with. You’ll see cool sleekness to the various elements in the design, that makes it stand out from the other normal safety razors.

The DE shaver has a vice grip that can be described as futuristic looking when you see how it sticks out from the main razor components itself.

This shaving tool provides good gripping and comes with chrome brass finish that makes it look modern.

Your desire to change into new blades can be accomplished with just a simple snap. It has a twist-to-open design element located within the middle, and the old blade removed, and the new blade easily embedded within the safety razor.

A twist of the mechanism locks the new blades tightly in place. The main con is debatable and refers to the weight of the Weishi safety razor. Some would say the majority of the weight is located within the head, instead of been evenly distributed.

Like all old shaving razors, you’ll have to use this device to see if it agrees with your shaving style. I can assure you, it has all the features needed to get the most comfortable shave any gentleman can want.

Is the Weishi safety razor Good for You?

Yes, it can! Apart from having one of the lowest price points among all safety razors on the market today.

This DE safety razor has a unique and fascinating flashy design, but might be missing some “bells and whistles” like those offered by the more expensive razors.

Despite all that, this old school shaving razor is capable of delivering the best most comfortable close shave for beginners and pros alike.


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