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Review of the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser WP-100

If you partake in regular meals, you need not be told about the power of good flossing. Both men and women put great effort into maintaining a bright smile with good smelling breath.

While the traditional flossing method might help keep your teeth clean, if you truly want to keep your dentist at bay, get yourself a Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser WP-100.

This best Waterpik comes has a water jet feature that’s capable of getting rid of all the stuck debris and bacteria deep in between teeth and right below your gum line.

This water Flosser is simply better at keeping all areas of your mouth clean than regular toothbrush or regular flossing.

This dental hygiene product comes with an advanced control mechanism that delivers instant water pressure of up to 10 to 90 PSI along with 1200 pulses per minute.

Even top dentists worldwide agree that a top-notch oral health is required for people that wear braces, have gum diseases, and diabetes.

The wp-100 ultra water Flosser is highly regarded in cleaning those hard to reach periodontal pockets.

wp-100 ultra water Flosser

Unless those pockets are thoroughly kept clean, they can grow deep into the bone structure thereby causing the teeth to come loose.

Waterpik is the ideal Flosser for those looking to stay one step ahead of plaque that can occur from all the food ingredients we consume daily.

I discovered my first dental floss while in college. It had none of the features present in the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser WP-100.

I remember my roommate used to laugh at my dental hygiene routine. While I watch him bleed regularly every time he brushes his teeth, I experienced none of those symptoms.

Can you imagine if I had the best Waterpik in my possession, I probably could have saved at least many hours that it took me to get my old Flosser to function properly?

If you’re still using the old flossing method, maybe a look at the awesome features of this water Flosser review, will have you moving in the right direction.

Waterpik WP-100 Features

Offers the Best Effective Plaque Removal – Based on several human laboratory tests from independent leading non-profit organizations, this flossing product is capable of removing up to 99.9% of plaque from any treated areas of your teeth.

This is a better way to floss, and this best water Flosser will help anyone with implants, braces, bridges, crowns, or those annoying periodontal pockets.

Using this device for just one minute daily will significantly improve your overall oral health to the amazement of your dentist.

The Waterpik ultra water Flosser has 10 superb water pressure settings which are designed to help deliver deep cleansing and healthier gums.

The water pressure can be adjusted to soothe your flossing style. I call it the ultimate flossing personalization style.

The Waterpik ultra water Flosser


The most recent model of the Waterpik wp-100 ultra water Flosser has an improved design that makes it even quieter than earlier models.

It has an ergonomic handle design that’s indeed comfortable to hold regardless of the size of your hand.

This ultimate device in flossing technology also has a much convenient pause button.

WaterPic has been manufacturing excellent and innovative health care products since 1962.

The company holds more than 500 patents, and yours truly Waterpik wp-100 ultra water Flosser, has many patented features to keep copycats at a disadvantage.

You need to floss regularly if you desire optimum dental health. The low cost of this product can save you hundreds of dollars from your dental bills.

You can use the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser to achieve the best oral hygiene health, or you can be like my roommate who’s now paying dearly through higher dental cost for having neglected his teeth for so long.


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