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Venus Razor Reviews

Gillette is well known among men with safety razors, deodorants and many other products. In this Venus Razor Reviews, we’ll take a look at how Gillette is now making a run for the growing women shaving razor market.

The Gillette Venus razor is embedded with five blades that are designed to adjust to every curve of your body while also removing every hair including desirable bikini hair shave.

Venus Razor Reviews

Based on many reviews from customers that have tried this product, you can use the Venus embrace razor blades to deliver beautiful legs and other ultra close shaves on any part of your body.

Most of the ladies that have tried the Venus razor liked it, and they all refer to what it helps deliver – as an unsurpassed Venus smoothness.

This shaving product for women comes with a smaller handle that most women would appreciate. The sleek handle comes with an enhanced grip, which helps the razor remain firmly in your hand during use.

The Gillette Venus embrace is indeed very portable, thus making it easy to pack in your travel bag or purse.

A look at the Features of the Gillette Venus Embrace pink razor

Pivoting Head. A good safety razor should be able to adjust to the curves and contours of your body, and this one does it so well. Gillette Venus has a rounded pivoting head, that’s able to follow your body curves.

This is also what allows the Venus razors to reach and remove hairs in those very hard to reach body areas.

Mini-Handle. As most women have smaller hands, the Gillette Venus embrace has a mini handle that are beloved by most women that have tried the product.

Not only that, this handle also has materials that ensure a firm easy grip for the user.

Portable Compact. With your purchase of this razor you get a compact small carrying case, that’s conveniently designed to fit into almost any sized suitcase, purse or gym bag.

5 Blades. Each blade cartridge has embedded within 5 blades for the best most comfortable ultra close shave any woman would come to love.

The venus embrace razor blades are sharp enough for hair removal in any part of your body, including those sensitive spots.

Shower Hook. If you like to shave while in the shower, this handy hook for the Gillette Venus razor makes it all too possible.

Can You Trust The Venus Embrace Razor Blades


After you’re done getting the best close shave of any part of your body, simply place it back on the shower hook for easy use next time.

What do you get with your purchase of the Gillette Venus embrace pink razor?

Included are:

one Gillette Venus embrace razor handle
Two extra Venus embrace razor blades cartridges
And a well designed useful shower hook

Some might ask – Can You Trust The Venus Embrace Razor Blades? The resounding answer is yes, based on all the positive reviews you can find, including this one on Amazon.com.

Any woman that hates having hair growth in any part of her body can use the power of the Gillette Venus embrace razor blades to remove those unwanted hairs, easily and effortlessly.

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