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Hey Ladies! These are the Best Razors if you Want Silky Smooth Skin

Nowadays, almost everyone shaves. You can say it’s one of the most common methods of hair removal. I understand why because it’s easy and can be done in the comfort of your own home for a silky smooth skin.

Not only is it one of the fastest ways to remove unwanted body hairs, it can also be done regardless of your income level and causes absolutely no pain, unless you fall asleep during shaving from dreaming about the compliments you’ll be getting from your mate.

When using a shaving razor, you want your full undivided attention to what you’re doing, or you just might cut yourself.

Try not to conduct this activity of shaving your legs or other body areas, when your attention is required elsewhere.

I know we can multi-task ladies, but this is one activity I would urge for your complete attention. Here are some tips for women looking for the best razor.

Tips for Choosing the Best Razor that is Perfect for You

This best electric shaver for women review article would not just focus on one shaver, and call it a day.

I am aware we ladies have our own preferences, so included are multiple razors that are suitable for every skin type.

As you know, some of the preferences we present might vary. The biggest variables when looking for a shaver for ladies skin are design, price, technical aspects, and brands.

You would also notice some of the ladies electric shavers we reviewed have a different number of blades, which helps to deliver a close, comfortable skin shave.

When you look at it closely, you’ll notice the brand selection is much easier. One company dominates in this niche market, its Gillette!

They’re the leading manufacturers of shaving razors for both men and women. Some of their offerings of best electric razors for women far outpace the competition.

I think Gillette is starting to understanding how our skin needs to be treated.

After my exhaustive research, three of the five best shaving razors a woman can choose from are made by Gillette.

Guess who the other two might be? Well, just continue reading to find out.

Before we get to the reviews, you need to forget about any fears you might have about getting razor burns, regardless of which brand you go with.

Based on my research, any of the 5 razors would not cause you any irritation, shave bumps, cuts or burns. So rest easy, if you have qualms about getting any of those possible nasty side-effects.

Here are the 5 Best Razors for Women you can Buy Online

Gillette Fusion Proglide Power

Gillette Fusion Proglide Power


Truth be told, this amazing razor was designed and marketed to men, but you know what I found out ladies, it’s perfect for our body, also!

After shaving with many women razors, this is the best one in my opinion, if you care to know.

I also realized in college, the best razors for shaving our body areas are actually those made for men.

In fact, my favorite model was the Mach3, which by coincidence is also made by Gillette.

My girlfriends confirmed what I discovered, some razors created for men are better at shaving a ladies body areas.

Gillette Fusion Proglide Power is able to deliver even better body shaving results!

This bad boy’ comes with 5 embedded blades, along with a hidden precision trimmer, that can be used to handle longer hairs.

Some of the obvious reasons shavings is now more popular than waxing can be traced to the fact that it’s not time-consuming, neither is it expensive.

With the Gillette Fusion Proglide Power, you can use it to get a smoother skin in your underarms, legs, thighs, and the much-desired bikini line.

If you have a problem with facial hairs, you can use this shaving tool to handle it safely, and most efficiently.

In fact, I found out the newer model of the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power is even more powerful than the original model. The included 5 blades inside the shaving razor are just the right number.

This product is able to deliver one of the closest body shaves you’ve ever had, because of the low cutting blades. I am telling you, these are the perfect combination of blades for a smoother skin.

The blades are designed to adjust to the contours of a guy’s face, but it will gladly adjust to the curves only a woman’s body can present.

Within the device is what it’s called enhanced lubras trip, which makes the Fusion Proglide move effortlessly across your skin. This women’s razor works with your skin curves, not against it.

This razor is designed to use one AAA battery. If you think there is no difference between a powered razor and manual, you could be in for a good surprise.

Powered razors do a much better job at delivering smoother skin, at a much faster pace. If the manly design turns you off, the next electric shaver is designed specifically for a woman.

Panasonic ES2207P Wet/Dry

Panasonic ES2207P Wet/Dry


You can safely say, some razors created and marketed to women are just not up to par, but not this one from Panasonic.

Of all the brands of electric razors for women I looked at, the Panasonic ES2207P stands out for many obvious reasons.

This shaving tool that’s made exclusively for women is an efficient hair removal little device. It can be safely used in both wet and dry conditions.

The ergonomic design is pleasing to a ladies hands, and you’ll love the color schemes. If you want a smoother skin, try shaving with this girlie razor!

It comes with 3 embedded stainless steel blades, that are also hypoallergenic.

Also included, is a pop-up trimmer, which is ideal for longer hairs. Since it’s an electric razor, it comes with no strip.

Another great feature is the Floating Head Shaving System. Just like magic, the head of this electric razor would adjust seamlessly to the shape of your body as you shave.

Shaving your underarms, legs, thighs, face, and bikini line would be a breeze, with this smart women’s electric razor.

You can conduct wet shaving, with this powered ladies shaver. You can use this device while still wet from showing, or you can use it right before.

Using it on wet skin or dry skin, is your choice to make!

Besides the fine features, the best argument in favor of buying the Panasonic ES2207P, is the warranty.

This best electric shaver for women comes with a 2 year guarantee against any factory defect you might experience.

In a nutshell, this is one of the better hair removal products, if body shaving is your style.

Gillette Venus Embrace

Gillette Venus Embrace


Truth be told, this razor is appealing to look at. Even the name is ideally suited to the Gillette Venus Embrace. It’s just so adorable if I might be allowed to gloat!

If you care about how your skin looks, and appreciate style, beauty, and quality in your hair removal products, this best shaving razor might just become your favorite one.

It comes with an embedded 3 blades system, that can instantly deliver a close shave and smoother skin.

It comes with a strip famously called Ribbon of Moisture, and will enable the razor to glide with ease, across your skin while removing the body hairs in just one pass.

The pivoting head is another feature that makes this razor so appealing to women.

If you want a manual razor that can deliver smoother silky skin with just one pass, click on the link to get your own Gillette Venus Embrace.

Schick Hydro Silk

Schick Hydro Silk


If you’re not into spending a lot on your hair removal product, but still want to have silky smooth skin, the Schick Hydro Silk is right up your alley.

I can safely say, it can compete with the other best razors for women on almost equal terms.

This razor that’s made for ladies has 5 blades. The blades are sharp and powerful enough to eliminate body hairs safely with just one pass.

You can use this razor on all body areas, even including removal of facial hairs. It has a smaller oval shape, which makes it ideal for women looking to shave down there!

Other notable feature, includes a water-activated serum that helps with conditioning and moisturization of your skin, as you shave.

The serum is said to contain natural ingredients from marine extracts, and the essentials of shea butter.

Gillette Daisy

Gillette Daisy


Conveniently, Gillette does not want to sell this disposable razor in America, because they like us paying the highest prices for products we women need.

The only reason I can see why it’s not been marketed to American women shaving needs can be traced to pricing.

This cheap ladies razor is manufactured in Mexico, and imported by enterprising sellers to go around the Gillette efforts at keeping it from we ladies in the states.

I like this company, but I am pissed at some of their slight of hand games.

You’ll find the same questionable tactics with drug companies. Same drugs are cheaper in other countries and much higher here.

I sent them a strongly worded email to vent my anger, hope it helps.

You’ll find this razor in many different package count combination. This razor would do justice to your skin removal efforts.

The package contains about 11 razors that you can use to get that beautiful smooth silky skin that you’ve always wanted and deserve.

Nothing fancy about this product, but it does have sharp blades that enable a close comfortable body shave.

The price of the Gillette Daisy disposable razor is the best of all the women razors we reviewed above.

Hey ladies, those are my favorite best razors for women, but do let me know in the comments section if there are any other brands not on my list that can deliver a comfortable shave that a woman needs.

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