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Awesome Features of the Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer: Model ER-GN30-K

When you ask a man or a woman about their facial hair problems, rarely do the ones that grow inside the nose get mentioned.

While the hair in your nose has certain germ filtering functions, it becomes an issue when they almost protrude from inside your nose, where everyone can notice them.

I had same problems with fast nose hair growth until I discovered the Panasonic nose hair trimmer.

Now I am not advocating you try to shave off, all your nose hairs. They do serve some health functions, if in doubt just ask a medical doctor.

Now you know why you feel much pain when you tried using a tweezer to pluck the ones you can see out of your nose.

In this modern technology age, plucking them is very old fashion, and can cause you to bleed from the nose if you over do it.

This Panasonic er-gn30-k review article will discuss my experience using the device, and the features embedded within, that makes it probably one of the best nose hair trimmers you can buy online today.

Amazingly so, it’s not an expensive grooming tool, costing less than $13, which is probably less than you paid for lunch or dinner.

Protruding hairs from your nose is ugly and unsightly, and you don’t want people close to you pointing it out before you decide to do something about it.

I am here to tell you that, the only person that truly cares about how you look, is you. You can certainly look your best using the power of this nose hair trimmer from Panasonic.

What About the Amazing Features of the Panasonic er-gn30-k

Features of the Panasonic er-gn30-k

Panasonic ER-GN30-K is not just a nose hair remover, it can also be used to remove hairs from your ear, and eyebrow.

It has optimum speed settings, that makes it ideal for shaping your mustache and sideburns to perfection.

Within the device, is a rotary cutting system, which has been tested by millions of customers worldwide, and found to be safe and very efficient at facial hair removal, especially from small spaces your shaver cannot get to.

The Panasonic nose hair trimmer is designed to be used in either dry or wet conditions. You can use it before or after you get out of the shower.

My personal preference is before getting in the shower, but hey, you just might have your own personal care routine. The essential components in this nose hair removal tool, are tightly sealed and 100% waterproof.

It will not increase your electric bill as the main power source is from one AA battery. Try to get a good battery after the initial free one that comes with your delivery is dead.

I have found Duracell to be the most reliable, and longer lasting brand.

Another notable feature is the well admired Vortex Cleaning System, which is capable of thoroughly cleaning the Panasonic nose trimmer.

To engage the Vortex cleaner feature, you simply immerse the best nose hair trimmer in water, while also pushing the cleaning button. Panasonic nose hair trimmer brush and cap

You’ll observe water been pulled in from all the sides of the trimmer while it’s also spun through the device, and quickly ejected from the main top head.

Also, included to help keep your nose trimmer in good working condition is a small cleaning brush and a protective cap for when it’s not been used.

Within the model ER-GN30-K, is a dual edge cutting blades that are capable of cutting all the hairs that enter the trimmer from all sides, and the top.

This is the grooming tool you use for trimming that individual hair you see on your eyebrows. The stainless steel blades are curved, and also hypo-allergenic.

This is what makes the product ideal for beard or mustache detailing.

To be Fair, Here are some of the Pros and Cons I did experience with the Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer: Model ER-GN30-K


One of the biggest benefits is that it’s user-friendly. The design technology deployed in this device is so simple to figure out.

You also get an owners manual, but you probably would not need it to conduct your first nose hair removal session.

This device is indeed very compact, and also portable. It’s not bulky at all, and would make an ideal travel companion.

It has some durability built into it, as long as you handle it with care.

The noise level from using this nose hair trimmer is very low, as compared to some of the other brands I have tried in the past.


I am yet to find a perfect product, this nose trimmer is no different.

A closer look, reveals it has a flimsy outside plastic shell. Model ER-GN30-K should never be dropped on a hard surface, or you’ll be needing a new one.

Wish they used more metal for the outside casing, but then again it would not be so cheap.

If you fail to conduct regular cleaning after each use, the included blades might not serve you for so long. I have been using mine for over a year, and it still works like new.

Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer

Is it the best nose hair trimmer to buy?

In my opinion, it has several advantages going in its favor. It has one of the highest reviews online from existing customers that have also tried the product.

For the price offered, it has all you need in a nose trimmer to get the job done right.


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