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Review of the Best Panasonic ES8243 Electric Shaver For Men

This is a story of how I found a Panasonic ES8243 electric shaver for men in my hotel room on my trip with my kids to Disney world.

Some might call it fate or karma, but I go out of my way to do the right thing. At the Airport, the security personnel seized my electric shaver due to some unknown reasons.

I pleaded and begged with the man in charge, and tried to show him the device is only a shaver with some unique features.

panasonic es8243 reviews

Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Men’s Electric Shaver That was my favorite shaver and I have owned it for many years with many close comfortable close shaves to talk about.

I tell you, what are they turning our country into, the innocent now becomes the criminal.

I reluctantly boarded my flight and took down badge numbers with the intention of blogging about my incidents to the social media world.

To complicate things, our booked room was not vacant as they said the prior guest had an emergency situation and needed to stay a few more days.

As luck would have it, they moved my three kids and I into the presidential suite as compensation.

The opulent surroundings of the suite were shocking to say the least. I later found out the room cost about $1500 a night. We all slept like babies, and my kids actually loved the accommodations.

At the bathroom, my realization that my electric shaver was gone came flooding into my memory.

I looked around the bathroom, carefully examining the gold plated faucets. Now I know why the 1% would do anything to stay rich, it’s intoxicating and addictive.

I was determined to find a straight razor, even a cheap one would do at this juncture.

As I was about to open the exit door, my little boy came running, screaming daddy look what I found in one of the drawers in our room.

I kid you not, he had in his hands a brand new Panasonic Electric Shaver For Men model ES8243A. When bad things happen, I always try to believe that some good would come out of it.

My kids were more excited about finding a new electric razor than I was since they witnessed the humiliation at the hands of the airport TSA security personnel.

I told them it was not right, and that the last guest must have forgotten the item and the right thing is to return it to the hotel management.

With the Panasonic electric men’s shaver in my hands, I proceeded down to the lobby to drop it off with the manager before stepping outside to find a cheap disposable razor to use for my shaving needs.

Mind you, this was not the manager that authorized my upgrade to the plush accommodations, but as soon as I gave him my room number his whole demeanor changed dramatically.

Panasonic ES8243 electric shaver for menI have experienced this type of demeanor transformation at a local bank before, you get treated extra nice if your bank balance is a substantial amount.

His assumption must have been I was loaded with money to be able to afford that hotel suite, and he was determined to grant me every wish.

I explained to him how my kids found the brand new electric shaver in one of the drawers, and I wanted to do the right thing and return it to its rightful owner.

After I informed him about my need to find a local store to buy a disposable shaver, he insisted I wait while he contacted the prior guest of the suite.

The wait took almost ten minutes. To my surprise when he emerged he told me to keep the shaver as the prior guest was no longer interested in getting the shaver back as he already bought a new one.

He also had a message from the rich former guest, to thank me for my honesty.

So that was how I came to own a Panasonic ES8243 electric shaver for men, now let me tell you about some of its features.

Blade system. It has four blades within the outer chamber, and two blades within the inner chamber.

The blades are super sharp as they come with Nanotech coating. You get to eliminate all unwanted facial hair in just one pass.

The blades are designed to angle at 30 degrees for the best most comfortable shave. Both the Stainless-Steel Foil and blades are Hypo-allergenic.

Flexible Pivoting Head. Since we all have different facial structure, the head of this electric razor contours to follow your skin instead of going against it.

Pop-up Trimmer. Embedded within this Panasonic electric shaver is a well-hidden trimmer that can be used to trim long hairs or beards and mustache.

Wet/Dry Shaving. This men’s shaver is designed to function optimally in both wet or dry conditions.

LCD display. The embedded LCD display technology is able to warn you when the battery is running low, and if the grooming tool needs cleaning.

Rechargeable Battery. Within the device is a Li-Ion rechargeable battery that can be fully charged in less than one hour. With a full charge, you get at least 45 minutes of use from this electric shaver.

Dual Voltage. If you do international travel, you should know the product comes with Automatic Universal Dual Voltage features.

No more worrying if your destination would have the right voltage setup for your shaver.

Travel case. With your purchase of this electric shaver from Panasonic, you get a well-designed and convenient travel case.

Panasonic ES8243 Review


The Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Men’s Electric Shaver comes with a patented Linear Motor that enables it to deliver ultra speed performance.

I have been using this electric shaver for many months, and I do love it. My friend that own this site encouraged me to write this review, and it’s months overdue.

Panasonic Electric Shaver For Men is an excellent product for any man that wants an easier way to get a cool comfortable close shave.

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