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My Personal Observations About Nose Hair Removers

Hair is dubbed as the crowning glory of a person. Nice hair makes a person look more attractive. But hair at the wrong place can make your look totally go wrong.

Both men and women alike have problems with unwanted hair. Unwanted hair can be located in the armpit, ears, and the nose.

Men, in particular, have issues with nasal hair. It just literally pops on the wrong moments. Well, worry no more about your nasal hair. There are already available nose hair removers in the market.

Most men get nasal hair when they reach their 30s. Out of the blue, suddenly, a strand of hair sprouts out of their noses.

Nasal hair, to start with, is the body’s protection against foreign bodies that might enter the body through the nose.

Primarily, the principle behind nasal hair, ain’t that bad. It is actually protection against all sorts of foreign bodies such as dirt, virus, and bacteria.

In dealing with unwanted nasal hair, you have many product options you can deploy to deal with the problem.

There are many choices of nose hair removers on the marketplace you can select from. We have nose trimmers, nose hair scissors, hand tweezers and electronic shave attachments.

Unwanted hair is certainly unsightly. But also bear in mind that these hair are not exactly purposeless. They serve as a protection against dirt, bacteria and virus.

In purchasing unwanted hair removers, safety is a must. Make sure that the product you’ve purchased is safe. Look up on the internet for the products that have good feedbacks and comments from consumers.

This would be a good sign that the product is safe and effective. Below are some of the most popular tools for removing nose hair.

Methods and tools for trimming nose hair

1. Nose Hair Trimmers

Nose Hair Trimmers


Nose hair trimmers are made to trim unwanted nose and even ear hair. Yes, as the name suggests, this tool is used only for trimming unwanted hair.

The tool can either be electronics or manually operated. What is nice about nose hair trimmers is that the blades have a protective device that prevents the skin of the user to be ‘nicked’.

You have several top rated nose hair trimmers on the market, and you can read about some of the most popular brands.

2. Nose Hair Scissors

Nose Hair Scissors

On the other hand, nose hair scissors are much like your everyday scissors but smaller.

In removing hair, the scissors are gently inserted into the nose canal and the unwanted hair is clipped away.

In using this tool, a mirror is needed to closely watch what you’re doing so you won’t cut your skin.

Remember to not insert the nose hair scissor deep into the nasal canal to avoid hurting yourself.

Personally, this is the most dangerous way to remove unwanted hairs from your nose as a tiny mistake can result in bleeding.

Spend the additional money and get you a well-balanced nose hair remover.

3. Plucking Nose with Tweezers

Plucking Nose with Tweezers

And we now have the conventional tool, the good old tweezers. Just like the nose hair scissors, the tweezers are carefully inserted into the nasal canal to pluck the hair away.

But out of all the hair removing tools, using tweezers can be the most painful. It can also cause some people to sneeze.

I have tried using this method in the past and the only downside is the pain you sometimes feel when you pluck a chunk of hair out of your nose.

If you overdo it, you might experience some bleeding which then can result in infection. This tool might be good for those with just a few visible nose hairs to remove.

4. Nose Hair Waxing

If you have a lot of nose hair that needs removal, you might want to consider using nose hair waxing.

It is the most painful of all the methods, and can be extremely dangerous to your health if not done properly.

Nose Hair Waxing

Usually, a warm wax is put on a Q-tip and then inserted on the hair residing in the nostrils.

After a few minutes, the Q-tip is jerked out of the nose with as much hair as possible.

The only advantage to using this nose hair removal method is that the nose hair is slow to regrow after using the wax.

What About Nose Hair Cream?

Be aware, that hair removal creams that are made for use on the legs and arms should not be used inside your nostrils.

Not only do they have strong chemicals with great toxicity, but you might also get nausea and dizziness if placed inside your nose.

On the other hand, there are many organic nose hair removal creams that are manufactured purposely for that function.

These types of creams lack any strong odor as most of the ingredients used are organic in nature.

Be sure to read the product labels carefully before putting any cream inside your nostril.

5. Nose Hair Laser Removal

This is the option usually preferred by movie stars and musicians with money to “burn”.

Nose hair removal by laser must be performed by a professional with many years of experience in laser treatments.

The expert using laser nose hair removal would know just how far to insert the laser so as not to damage the mucous membranes located inside your nose.

The result from this method can last for several months, thus why it’s so expensive.

If you’re considering this method, your main concern should be about the qualification and experience of the expert, not the price.

Going with the lowest priced provider might not be the wisest choice, as your right to smell is at stake.

6. Electric Shave Attachments

Electric Shave Attachments


Lastly, we have the electric shave attachments. As the name suggests, electric shave attachments, comes with most top rated electric shavers.

Although a bit pricey, purchasing an electric shaver with nasal hair removal attachments is a good idea.

There are available products that have an all-in-one kit. Buying products like this will save you money and will be easier to pack when traveling.

Before you start plucking away at your nose hair, know that they do perform some healthy functions.

A good amount of nose hair is needed to filter out bacteria’s and germs that we breathe in on a daily basis.

So do not go plucking all your nose-hair out, you just need to keep them trimmed. Every home should have at least one good pair of nose hair removers.

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