Major Reasons Why Sugar is Bad For You

With New Year resolutions right upon us, some would try to cut back on sugar intake without fully realizing the difficulty of the problem. Just to be clear, the word sugar in this article also includes high fructose corn syrup and sucrose.

Something is in refined sugar that alters our mood and behavior no matter how hard we try. One can assume that once human brains get a taste of this substance, it’s incredibly difficult to give up.

Might the addiction to sugar be because it is included in almost all our foodstuffs? Sugar is simply prevalent around us. It is used in festivities, celebration and can be defined as love.

The only problem is that this love is killing humans at an astronomical rate. One of the most harmful effects of sugar is the exploding rate of diabetes.

There is no doubt about the correlation between sugar and heart disease. Despite all the harmful effects of sugar, that’s known to humans, why is the substance so hard to give up?

Some might be worried to hear the word addiction attached to sugar, but what else would you call it? Almost every processed food product has sugar in its ingredients.

Major Reasons Why Sugar is Bad For You

Even your favorite Chinese food is made using refined sugar. Now you know why you can’t give up your love for the shrimp with broccoli dish.

Today it is estimated that the average American consumes about a quarter pound of sugar on a daily basis. It was once viewed as a food that helped us survive, but now it is killing humans at a rapid rate.

This substance is now one of the most harmful ingredients in our modern day diet. Not only can it alter your metabolism, but it has been established that sugar causes diabetes and many other diseases.

Here are 6 known reasons why sugar should be removed from your diet.

1 – It is bad for your teeth and contributes no essential nutrients

All forms of sugar in your diets provide no essential nutrients but do give the users major calories once ingested.

Most of the sugar in our food ingredients has no essential fats, proteins, minerals or vitamins that your body needs. It is just pure deadly energy if we could call it that!

One of the major nutritional deficiencies of sugar is how it helps to destroy your teeth. The bad bacteria in our mouth like the digestible energy provided by sugar.

As you know, once you feed those bacteria they tend to stay and cause major damage. The substance is powerful enough to cause tooth decay.

2 – High amount of Fructose can be found in your sugar

This high amount of fructose has been known to cause liver damage. For further clarification of what is bad about sugar, we need a better understanding of what the substance is made of.

The sugar you digest is first broken down into two simple sugars which are fructose and glucose before it enters the bloodstream.

Glucose is made naturally by the human body and can also be found in our food ingredients.

Fructose is a different matter altogether. The human body does not produce this substance in any big amount. The human body has no physiological need for this by product.

Fructose can only be metabolized by your liver in large amounts. In the normal scheme of things, fructose is converted into glycogen and stored in the liver until it’s needed.

If you consume too much fructose, the liver cannot keep up with the conversion which then turns the substance into fat. Now you know why Americans are getting fatter by the day.

Keep in mind that fructose can be found in most fruits, but those types cannot overload the liver.

A Large ingestion of sugar will cause fatty liver and other serious health problems. If you engage in workouts on a regular basis, this problem is negated somewhat.

3 – This substance can cause Insulin Resistance

As you know, insulin is one of the most important hormones in our body. This is what allows glucose which is blood sugar to enter the bloodstream.

This is what tells the cells to burn glucose rather than fat. When your body has too much glucose it becomes toxic which then might lead to complication of diabetes.

When the insulin stops working your cell becomes resistant to it. Once insulin resistance is established, other health problems like obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes takes over.

Recent studies have now established the known connection between sugar consumption and insulin resistance.

In simple terms, eating lots of sugar creates resistance to hormone insulin which is a gateway to many other diseases.

4 – Sugar will induce cancer in your body

Does eating too much sugar cause diabetes

Nowadays, cancer is now the leading cause of death all over the world which occurs as a result of uncontrolled multiplication and growth of cells.

Insulin is the key hormone that’s able to regulate this sort of growth. If your insulin levels are elevated, your chance of getting cancer is substantially increased.

Since sugar consumption can negatively affect your metabolism, you chances of getting all types of cancer are simply elevated.

5 – It causes the release of Massive Dopamine in the Brain

Just like drugs, sugar causes the release of dopamine. Once this correlation is established, you’ll feel you need to ingest sugar, just like a drug addict needs a hit.

6 – This substance is the leading cause of Obesity in adults and children

One of the leading causes of obesity in humans is the large consumption of sugar.

The substance is in almost all processed foods we eat. With obesity, comes the entrance of all the other heart diseases.

Final Message

You should cook your own food and find ways to stay away from packaged and fast foods, to reduce your sugar intake.

Does eating too much sugar cause diabetes? Yes, it does! Some of the harmful effects of sugar can be traced to increased heart diseases.

Do yourself a favor and find some other sweetener alternatives. Here is a good article on – What is The Best Natural Sweetener? Read it for best alternatives to using sugar in your diet.

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