Why the Ingredients in MacDonald’s Fries Might Not be so Healthy for Your Body

One of the most difficult jobs of being a fitness trainer is having to tell new clients what type of foods they have to stop eating if they want to lose weight faster. Obesity is not something I take lightly and a client of mine actually cried after she confessed she couldn’t stop eating MacDonald’s fries.

I mean, she was making progress at reaching her ideal weight, but I sensed something was holding her back. At the initial interview, she did not list the French fries from this fast food joint as one of the foods she was addicted to.

While I consoled her and let her know she had the willpower to eliminate this fried food from her diet, I made a mental note to research what exactly is used in making the popular and highly addictive fries from MacDonald’s restaurant.

The List of Ingredients in MacDonald’s Fries

Ingredients in MacDonald's Fries

If I asked the average consumer to come up with a list of the ingredients needed to make delicious French fries, most would say, potatoes, frying oil, and salt. Well, the McDonald’s French fries is made using about 19-ingredients, based on the recent video and publication made by the company.

The McDonald’s French fry ingredients made me start calling it “engineered food” rather than nutritious food that could be good for your body. Keep in mind that the basic motivation of this fast food joint is to get you hooked, and if that means you and your kids will become grotesquely obese, so be it.

Some of the ingredients would actually shock you that is if you care about what you put inside your body on a daily basis. Unfortunately, some of our fellow Citizens have given up trying to figure out how to eat more healthy, and it is sad to say that the fries from McDonald’s is now part of many people’s daily diet.


We all know what potatoes look like, but this company refuses to say how the potatoes used for the fries are grown. They did admit that the potatoes used are not organically grown, which should concern anyone interested in “super-sizing” their meal when they next visit this fast food place.

The Flavorings

The list of flavorings added to the French fries from MacDonald’s restaurant should be of concern to anyone that patronize this place on a regular basis. Ask yourself, why would a fast food joint add beef flavoring to French fries? The company says it is to give it more flavor.

The popular fries from the restaurant is also coated with hydrolyzed milk, hydrolyzed wheat, sodium acid pyrophosphate, salt, citric acid, and dextrose, which is a form of sugar that can raise your blood glucose level pretty quickly. The company claims the sugar substance is sprayed on the fries to prevent them from turning gray.

Also, another ingredient used as part of the preservatives used in making the MacDonald’s French fries is Dimethylpolysiloxane. Despite the fact that consumption of small quantities is considered safe by the FDA, this ingredient is also used in making aquarium sealants, adhesives, silicone caulks, and silly putty.

The Cooking Oils Used

Based on MacDonald’s corporate office admission, the French fries are fried twice using a combination of corn, canola, and soybean oil before it reaches the consumer. While some might consider canola frying oil ideal for frying, the statement from this company does not state what percentage is used.

On the other hand, the soybean oil used is derived through the process of hydrogenation, which simply means most of the unsaturated fat is turned into saturated fat to make it easier to cook with the oil. It is also said that the hydrogenated soybean oil will aid in the longevity of the French fries.

But from all the available studies, the new fat generated from processing the oil becomes trans-fat, which some of you know when consumed in significant amounts can cause heart disease.

Why the need to fry the french fries twice? It is first fried at the factory where all the preservatives and flavorings are added. The second frying of the McDonald’s French fries occurs at the actual place where customers can order the food to eat or take away.

Now you understand why the fries from this food joint can last many days without any sign of spoilage. There is a video below that would make you consider the health consequences before consuming fries from McDonald’s again.

Why the Use of so Many Preservatives?

This article is not meant to get you to stop eating at this fast food joint, hopefully, it would get you thinking about the damages you’re doing to your intestinal organs.

Due to the many preservatives used in making the French fries sold by MacDonald’s the shelf live is quite long, as compared to real fries made from regular potatoes.

This video will give you an idea how long the hamburgers and French fries from McDonald’s would last.

Why the Ingredients Found in MacDonald’s French Fries Should Concern You

Just out of curiosity, I conducted a little experiment by spending a few hours counting the healthiness of the regular visitors to my local MacDonald’s restaurant. My aim was just to see what percentage of the regular patrons were in shape or obese.

I wasted six hours in total for this experiment, for three hours I observed the patrons that walked inside to order, and the other three hours was spent watching up close the customers that used the drive-thru window.

It would not be an exaggeration if I told you that at least 70% to 75% of the customers that eat MacDonald’s food including the French fries are obese. If you doubt my numbers, take some time and do your own calculation.

The sad part of all this is the damage done to America’s youth by lazy parents. I saw so many little boys with large breast that it brought tears to my eyes. Not to talk about the significant number of grown men with fat stomachs.

It is sad to say, but I can assure you that the French fries sold by this fast food joint Americans love to patronize have no nutritional value. If you take the time to prepare your own fries at home you’ll discover the difference in taste.

If you eat McDonald’s fries because you claim to have no time to cook, then the quality of your life needs proper examination. Most of the people that claim lack of adequate time will also spend hours posting useless and meaningless stuff on different social media sites.

Now that you know about some of the ingredients in McDonald’s fries it is up to you to decide if your health and life are worth preserving. I have no doubt that your health is your true wealth, and eating McDonald’s French fries with some of the questionable ingredients would do long-term damage to your body.

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