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How to Stop Razor Bumps: Tips & Best Products

Shaving is a time-honored tradition that most men partake in. Even for gentlemen that decide to grow beards or mustache, at some point shaving or close trimming is required to prevent one from looking like a caveman.

Regardless of how you learned to shave, one of the most annoying aftereffects is razor bumps on the neck or face.

Razor bumps have many causes and we would take a closer look at them and some timely tips on how to avoid razor bumps in the first place.

If you have burns, bumps or irritation while shaving or afterward, should not be the norm. You yourself can have smoother, healthier skin if you just follow these instructions.

Best Electric Shavers Against Razor Bumps

Best Electric Shavers Against Razor Bumps


How to Stop Razor Bumps Tips

Hot Shower. Taking a hot shower with thorough scrubbing of facial hair will help eliminate the bacteria or grime that helps to clog your pores, and can lead to shaving bumps.

It’s also advisable for you to use moisturizing soap while washing your face.

Total clean hygiene is the first step to developing a smoother clean skin. If you skip this crucial step, the other tips might not work for you.

Shave every day and early. You have to make up your mind what type of facial hair you want on your face.

If you like to be clean shaven like me, you must do it every day if you want to keep razor bumps at bay.

When you shave every day, you prevent the hair roots from establishing a permanent home.

The best time to shave is when you first wake up in the morning. From my experience, shaving later on during the day creates more friction and the facial hairs are harder to get rid of.

Try using a pre-shave oil. While this is optional depending on the severity of your razor bump, it does help to moisturize the skin because it provides a protection layer and allows the facial hair to stand straighter, thus making it easier to cut.

That is why you’ll find that those with extreme curly facial hair get the most razor bumps.

Shaving Oil to Help Control Razor Bumps

Shaving Oil to Help Control Razor Bumps

Employ the power of shaving cream. A good shaving cream would do wonders for your skin.

When the thick lather created is applied to the skin, you’ll find it much easier to shave the hairs off without any shaving bumps appearing afterward.

Please try to stay away from all those chemically induced shaving creams, and stay with those with only natural ingredients like this – one.

Clean sharp blades. If you get razor bumps from your barber, you need to switch to another professional stylist.

In some states, barbers are required to use new clean blades for each client. At home, you need to replace or change your blades more often than you think.

A good way to extend the life of your razor blades is to clean them as soon as you’re done using them.

Removing the hair trapped in the blades also removes any hidden bacteria or grime that might cause shaving bumps when used again.

Try not to leave your blades wet as you put them away after shaving. Water while helpful, is also a degrading agent that should be wiped off from the blades before putting them away.

Change your shaving razor. If you’re prone to get shaving bumps, you should seriously consider changing your shaving equipment.

Sometimes those cheap disposable razors might not be suitable for your golden skin tone.

In fact, you should switch your entire shaving product to a different brand and see how that works at preventing more razor bumps.

It worked for a dear friend of mine. He changed his straight razor and shaving cream, and just like that all his shaving bumps simply disappeared.

Straight Razors That Can Help Control Razor Bumps

Straight Razors That Can Help Control Razor Bumps

Keep your shaving brush clean. Shaving brushes contain natural materials that germs and bacteria would love to hide in if not thoroughly cleaned after each use.

Just like you did with your blades, make sure your shaving brush is cleaned after each use, to prevent any germs from hiding within them.

Use after shave lotion. If you experience much stinging as you apply the after shave lotion, which means it is doing great at closing all the open pores that can be magnets for germs and bacteria.

You need to experiment and find a lotion that would work for your skin, instead of against it.

A bad aftershave lotion can, in fact, induce razor bumps instead of helping to forestall it. So choose wisely, and stick to ones with natural ingredients like this one.

In Conclusion

From my observation of friends and colleagues at work, the major causes of razor bumps can be traced to bad dieting and unhealthy lifestyles.

AfterShave Lotions to Help Control Razor Bumps

AfterShave Lotions to Help Control Razor Bumps

If you’re over-weight, then you must include an exercise regimen if you want to see those razor bumps gone for good.

A good sign of poor dieting is if you get acne on a regular basis. Unfortunately, what you eat and drink is what comes out of your skin.

If you’re a smoker, the time to quit is now if you want your razor bumps to go away for good.

I know these are not what you want to hear, but the best shaving products would not help if you’re putting poison into your body. Finally, try to intake more clean refreshing water on a daily basis.

Water will flush out most of the toxins in your body, and you’ll also experience smoother, healthier skin. Razor bumps should not be the norm, and the above tips and products can help get your facial skin looking fine again.

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