How Have Humans Polluted the Air, Water, and Land, For Short Time Gains?

While some might not be paying attention, the air you breathe is constantly been polluted, the water coming out of your tap is full of carcinogens, and the land with all the trees that was given to us by the almighty creator to sustain life are been cut down all over the world in the guise of mineral exploration.

The number of our citizens that get cancer doubles every year, and yet we all walk around pretending to be above it all and living the good life, while the ecosystem that is designed to sustain it is collapsing underneath us, just like the native Americans predicted.

To show the damage we are doing to the ecosystem, I have divided this article into three sections, one that deals with the quality of the air we breathe in, the other details the great damage we have done to our water supply, and lastly, the many activities we do that helps to degrade the land we all call home.

How Have Humans Polluted the Air?

How Have Humans Polluted the Air

If you want to know more about the air pollution causes and effects take a look at the billions of digital devices floating around the world and each capable of emitting a small amount of radiation that is invisible to the naked eye.

Another devastating source of air pollution can be traced to our greater use of electricity and how it is produced. Not to talk about the billions of automobiles plowing through the cities of the world in the name of progress, while the result is a slow death for everyone on this planet.

The biggest polluter of all the available transportation systems, are airplanes, which is now very popular as a quick way of getting from one city to another. Most humans pretend like we’re not participating in this destruction, but we all are, when you analyze our daily activities.

Do you know that we can generate all the electricity we need through sources that do not pollute the earth if the government really wanted to? You ever wonder why solar technology is not heavily promoted by the people in power?

The lack of the right action to have a cleaner air can be traced to the powerful economic interest that contributes millions of dollars to campaigns of politicians, which ultimately renders them toothless “Amoebas”.

If a courageous politician should rise up and bemoan the real cost of electrical production and how it can be sourced cheaper and cleaner, he or she would be crucified as an environmentalist, and the clueless citizens numbed through the constant promotion of television programming would not rise up in support.

Can you imagine how fast we will have cleaner air if it is considered important, just like the weapon system we constantly keep developing for the enemies we constantly create?

Another perfect example of how we’re destroying the air we breathe in is the constant need to cut down trees all over the world, while there are cheaper and cleaner alternatives that could be implemented in just a few years.

It is a basic scientific knowledge that trees enjoy turning the carbon dioxide that we breathe out into oxygen, why then in the world should we go about destroying millions of them in the name of development. How developed will we be when the air we breathe in is so polluted that it could kill you?

As you read this article right now, they’re now selling cleaner packaged air in China and some American cities, just the way it started with bottled water. The fact is that trees and plants are equally important parts of our natural ecosystem that help to sustain life in many different ways.

A better alternative would be to encourage the planting of hemp plants, a far cheaper product that can be grown and harvested cheaply to meet all our growing demand for paper goods like newspapers, cups, paper bags, etc.

Hemp plants can also be used to make very strong ropes and clothing that would outlast the current fabrics we’re currently using.

Let’s not discount the many medicinal products that can be made from it, but there are powerful forces working against this cleaner alternative as compared to the current practice of reducing the rainforest by the millions of acres per year.

These are just two prime examples of what we as a people are doing on a daily basis to help pollute the air that we breathe in. The captains of industries responsible for cutting down our rainforest and preventing the implementation of cheaper alternatives are probably not thinking how the polluted air will also impact their loved ones negatively.

What Cause Water Pollution?

What Cause Water Pollution

If you must ask what causes it and the effects of water pollution, you must not be paying much attention to the liquid that is coming out of the tap in your home, lately. Do not let the clearness of the water from your kitchen faucet dull you into thinking it is clean and safe to drink.

Instead of finding ways to eliminate all the germs and carcinogens present in our water supply, they have cleverly masked the color of the liquid to make it appear clean and harmless to drink.

At present, at least two-thirds of the surface of the earth are covered by water, but human activities all around the world are degrading what used to be a pristine resource that helped sustained life.

There are many water pollution causes and effects, but we’ll only address one or two so you understand the gravity of the situation and do your own research.

Most People are Now Drinking Feces

A friend once told me that we humans consume feces whether we like it or not, which can be traced to the quality of the water coming out of the faucet in many homes across America.

It is no more a laughing matter, for this observation is quite true when one considers the millions of gallons of untreated sewage that is dumped into the ocean all over the world on a daily basis.

What is put out into the ocean is also returned to the water treatment plant to be turned into drinking water. If you think all the chemicals people excrete and flush down the toilet can be removed from our water supply, you better have another look before you drink that glass of water.

If you’re not using a filtration system to clean the water out of your kitchen faucet you should be arrested for gross negligence, especially if you’re raising kids with weaker immune systems.

Commercial Farming is Destroying Our Water Supply

Before you take a bite of that steak dinner consider the waste that it took to raise the cow and slaughter it before making its way to your lunch or dinner plate.

Most of our farmers, in order to produce bigger crops and raise bigger animals for slaughter, are turning to the use of harsh chemicals to make that happen.

Most use too much fertilizer, which eventually gets washed down into our water system. The raising of cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals loved by millions of Americans now involves the use of powerful drugs to get them to grow faster or produce more milk.

The animal waste from most commercial farms would make you puke from even a mile away, and it is all washed down into our water supply in due time.

Every bite of meat you eat comes with chemical residues that are passed onto humans. Now you know why the rate of all type of diseases have skyrocketed in what used to be called the “the home of the brave and free” but we can now add “sick as hell”.

Chemical Waste from Industrial Production

Take for an example, the widely promoted oil extraction method called fracking, what is not reported is how it is quickly destroying the land and the water supply of wherever it is widely implemented.

Why worry most of the critics would say, America would become oil independent from all the fracking going on in the country, but no one is truly addressing the cost of producing every barrel of that oil.

What is the point of having a good job when it involves the destruction of the land you expect your family and future generations to reside in?

In some of the areas where fracking is heavily practiced, you can light the water from the kitchen faucet on fire, which goes to show the level of pollution from such activities.

But this is America, why complain, when there are people making millions of dollars in profit even if it means the land would be permanently destroyed in just a few years? And we all stand-up and rejoice we’re becoming more energy independent while destroying our own land.

It is just like the lie told by some in the news media that some type of alcohol consumption might be better for the body. The industry profiting from the fracking will be long gone when the citizens realize the extent of the damage to the land that will now be practically useless.

The Pollution of the Land

The Pollution of the Land

The pollution of what used to be naturally hospitable land occurs when the above activities and many others take place. It is only very shortsighted people that will destroy their environment in the name of development for short term gain.

Look at all the Chemtrail that is being sprayed by the millions of gallons on a daily basis all over America, and yet most people think it is just a conspiracy theory, despite the overwhelming evidence that shows what is been sprayed is destroying the land.

I am here to tell you that ignoring a problem does not mean it is not present. The destruction of our environment is caused by certain activities we all partake in on a daily basis, and the least you could do is try to reduce your carbon footprints through your purchases and daily lifestyle choices.

Contrary to what some might think, we humans are not superior to nature for it is needed for us to enjoy a cleaner and better life. Nature has already started fighting back, and if we humans don’t change our ways, guess who would win the battle?

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