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Braun CoolTec Review

Men that shave everywhere have the same wish for a great shaver, that can get the job done fast, with less irritation. In this Braun CoolTec Review article, you’ll get some insights as to why this electric shaver for men might just be one of the best, for guys with sensitive skin.

I used to have razor nicks, bumps, and ingrown facial hair problems until I found this bad boy of a shaver.

This shaver delivered what I spent a lifetime looking for, best shaver with awesome technology, that also loves my skin during the shaving process.

I don’t know about you, I hate paying for products that cause me more pain.

If you’re one of those guys with sensitive skin and have had issues with other electric razors in the past, the Braun CoolTec CT5cc will deliver better results, I promise you.

Apart from been a foil shaver, the Braun CoolTec is designed and manufactured in Germany, just like your Mercedes and BMW.

This will not be a short review, so if you’re already convinced about the power of this best men’s electric shaver to deliver optimum shaving results, just click the link for the best prices you can find online.

This product was created after an exhaustive search to solve the problem of heat generation created by most electric shavers.

The heat is usually the main cause of the skin irritation and bumps men experience during and after shaving.

Braun found a simple solution to the problem! Within this smart electric razor is a technology that’s designed to cool your skin during the shaving process.

I kid you not! For instead of having burning sensations while shaving, you’ll actually experience cooling sensations.

That feature alone can kiss your skin irritation and razor bump problems, goodbye!

Braun CoolTec CT5cc


Braun CoolTec CT5cc: What Makes this best Electric Shaver so Special

We know the electric shaver comes with a cooling technology, but there are a lot more features that helps the device deliver one of the most comfortable close shaves, any man could ask for.

I won’t bore you with the ergonomic design, and how it handles well in your hand, I am sure you expect that from a top rated shaver.

Below are some facts about this electric shaver for men with sensitive skin that might convince you further about the durability of this razor to deliver a clean close shave.

Specially Designed SensoBlade

What can you do with an electric shaver with dull blades? Absolutely nothing, if you ask me!

The Braun CoolTec CT5cc comes with sharp blades, and would directly target and capture those facial hairs for easy elimination, with swift cuts.

It matters not if you facial hair is the curly type, this hyper electric shaver would catch them in all directions, for a smoother shave.

Know about the 3-Stage Cutting System

Apart from sharp blades, the key to an efficient razor is how they function with the other elements embedded within.

Inside the Braun electric shaver, is a three stage cutting system that would do fine justice to your facial hairs.

The triple action cutting are all designed to move independently of each other. What you’ll experience is a device that can flow with your facial contours, as it removes those stubborn hairs.

If you want to know more; it has a blade with foil section that’s designed to float while the wave cutter does it work at the center.

If you have flat-lying hairs, the bad boy of a razor would lift them up, before cutting them. This process s what helps negate any issues with ingrown hair problems.

With the SensoBlade and this cutting system within the Braun CoolTec CT5cc, your facial hairs would soon be fighting a losing battle. This product can help you get your good skin and looks back.

Hidden Precision Long-Hair Trimmer

With just the touch of a button, you can call up the power of a well-designed hidden precision trimmer.

If you love facial hairs, but would rather not look like the “bush doctor”, this trimmer within the electric shaver will help you trim and shape your beard, mustache, or sideburns with ease.

The trimmer will respond to your moves, so be attentive and take your time.

LED Display Technology

What is the point of having a shaving device, if you’re not aware of the status of the essential elements.

The LED display within this electric shaver for men would alert you to battery status, thus letting you know how much power you have left, and when to recharge the device.

You’ll also be alerted to when the men’s shaver needs cleaning.

Rechargeable Battery

Within the CoolTec CT5cc is a powerful Li-Ion battery, that’s capable of recharging itself in about one hour.

When fully charged, it will deliver at least 45 minutes of shaving time, depending on your morning shaving habits.

100% Waterproof and fully Washable

This shaver for men with sensitive or normal skin is fully waterproof, and can be rinsed under running tap water.

The essential components are thoroughly sealed, in an airtight waterproof compartment.

Best Cleaning System for a Best Shaver for Men

This product has the ability to clean and lubricate itself, through the charging base.

You put the shaver upside down into the specially designed shell and hit the renew and recharge button. That’s it!

Within the device is a specially formulated alcohol solution, with the power to eliminate all germs that can threaten your newly shaved and exposed skin.

The essential parts are automatically lubricated, to ensure optimal cutting efficiency. You’ll smell a lemon fresh scent, as the self-cleaning process progresses.

Some Maintenance Tips for the Best Razor for Sensitive Skin

Since this is an investment in a good shaving product, here are some tips to make it last a very long time.

To keep the electric razor functioning at its best, you’ll need to change the shaving head every 18 months or so.

Most online reviewers used it for at least 24 months, before changing it. Be sure to only use genuine Braun shaver head parts.

You’re urged not to use any lotions, gels, or foams while shaving. Those shaving aids are not compatible with the cleaning solution that’s alcohol based.

If you do use shaving gels or foams, be sure to rinse the shaving head of the electric razor right away, and thoroughly.

The cleaning cartridge that makes the self-cleaning possible needs to be changed at least every two or three months depending on how often you shave.

Most users said the cleaning center cartridge for the Braun electric shaver lasted at least five to six months, with average use.

Here is a Good Video About the Braun CoolTec CT5cc

Final Thoughts

I would recommend this shaver if you have light to medium hair that’s thick.

If you’ve tried electric shavers in the past and experienced skin irritation, the cooling technology within Braun CoolTec CT5cc would solve that problem.

In a nutshell, it’s one of the best and most recognized electric shavers for sensitive skin, any man could buy online today.


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