Are Your Friends Making You Fat?

I remember growing up and hearing the mantra from my dad to be careful who my friends are. Those days, as a carefree teenager, I never paid much attention to the idea of choosing friends carefully, but reflections about my past and present friends leave me with no doubt that people you allow into your space can influence your quality of life, including your financial wealth.

In this article, we’re going to deal with how fat friends make you fat. In America today, most people that are obese will deny the obvious fact simply because clothing can now be used to mask the protruding body parts. I always encourage new clients of mine to look at themselves naked in a full-length mirror in order to fully comprehend the damage done by obesity.

Your bad eating habits probably developed due to the type of friends you hang out with and your desire to stay slim can only be realized if you pay careful attention to your social buddies. My life is a prime example of how friends can influence you to make lousy choices on a daily basis.

My Unhealthy Habits with Friends

Are Your Friends Making You Fat

Some friends will help you wreck your life in more ways than one. I started experimenting with marijuana while in high school but was able to keep up with my grades due to the fear that my dad would probably have killed me if he found out. During that time I was what you would call an occasional user of pot.

As I look back, most of my friends during those days were also heavily invested in the idea of getting high. Some of the girls got pregnant, some of the guys dropped out, and others turned to criminality.

The sternness of my father was probably my saving grace from quitting school and going all out into criminal behavior. A friend started selling weed and was making over $2000 every week as his customer base grew. Today, he’s locked up doing 15 to 20 years for distribution of narcotics.

One of the negative aspects of smoking pot is the increased desire to eat. Slowly, with subtle encouragement from friends around me, I became obese, which ultimately affected my social life in a very negative way.

As I gained weight the only people that accepted me without any judgment were my also obese friends. I can assure you that “birds of the same feather” do flock together when it comes to weight gain.

Among my 20 close friends in high school, only three made it to a four-year college including myself. College life was liberating but also very restricting in many other ways. My dad took out a second mortgage on the family home to ensure I did not take on any student loan debt.

He made it clear this was an investment in my future and he wanted his funds back with interest in due time. While my mom was sweet, nice, and always understanding, it was my dad that made me realize failure was not an option in our household. Once in college, you discover two things right away.

Most of the teenagers are leaving home for the very first time, and many have accumulated the desire to try many things banned by parents. There were two kinds of students in my college days, those determined to get a good education, and those determined to have fun and maybe get some education.

The bad choices in college will come at you from different angles. Young naive girls got compromised at college parties due to the availability of alcohol. My saving grace was meeting a very beautiful girl that eventually broke my heart. I fell hard for her, but she eventually dumped me for one of the more popular basketball stars.

After the most beautiful girl in the world dumped me, I regressed into my old ways by eating too much, smoking, and drinking too much alcohol. Like I said before, the fear of what my dad would have done to me kept me at the edge, but never going over it.

Not only can friends make you gain weight, the loss of a love companion can also make you lose interest in your physical looks. While I kept excellent grades, my social and dating life became boring. As if by chance, most of the fat people in college hung out together and most of our discussions centered on food.

What I Ate When I was Fat

Let me clue you into some of the stuff I ate while I was obese. What I ate when I was fat was influenced by my choice of friends. In college, my roommate just happened to be also overweight and what brought us together was the many different kinds of food we could consume on a daily basis.

Snacks Galore – One of the biggest lies told by fat people is the idea that they do not consume a lot of food simply because most would not count the calories present in a snack. I always had boxes of M & M candies, but my favorite snack was snickers. It was not uncommon for me to eat 30 to 35 snicker bars on a weekly basis. I lost track of the different types of candy that have passed through my stomach.

Fast Food Bonanza – I never bothered to learn how to cook but knew the phone number to several pizza joints around town. On a weekly basis, I would order pizza with all the toppings five to six times. It would be hard to count how many times I ordered bacon and ham sandwiches from the local deli that also delivered.

Soda was my Water – Rarely did I give thought to the idea of drinking water, but my beverage of choice was two-liter Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Despite my intake of high corn fructose drinks, I was always tired and lacked the stamina to walk several blocks without feeling like I would pass out.

Alcohol – To compound my obesity problem I developed a taste for the finest beers in town, which was my thinking back then. Apart from the bad stuff alcohol can do to your internal and external organs, it will also make you gain weight faster than you know it.

The creators of alcoholic drinks did not formulate it for you to enjoy it once because the chance of addiction is quite high. Addiction, in my opinion, is something you do on a regular basis.

Other Stuff – As if by magic, once you find yourself overweight, other obese people will beat a path to your doorstep to hook up. The girls I did hook up with all had a love affair with food more than the real thing.

The most deadly aspect of eating too much is that the ingredients would not complain and if you’re around like minded folks you probably would not realize you have a problem.

How to Change Your Unhealthy Eating Habits

1 – Ditch Your Fat Friends

The key ingredient to changing any unhealthy eating habit is to be around people that believe in practicing healthy lifestyle choices on a daily basis. Even if you have the burning desire to be thin again, it might not happen if you continue to allow your old obese buddies to remain within your close proximity.

I am here to tell you that misery loves the same company and you have to ditch your fat friends to have any chance of succeeding in your goal of building a new physique. Your fat friends will do everything in their power to stop your movement towards a thinner lifestyle, but your determination will make them join you or look for other like-minded fat people to befriend.

One of the worst things a fat person hate the most is to be around someone that is slim and shapely. The jealousy and hatred displayed will be subtle. So, the first step towards changing your bad eating habits is to leave your obese friends behind and seek the company of thinner people.

If you fail to do this, your weight loss goal would be sabotaged before it takes root or show progress. This principle can also be applied to other problems you might have in your life, like financial issues. So, if you want to stay in shape be friends with people that are in shape, which will ensure you can reach your goal to eat less much easier.

2 – Look at Yourself Naked in a Full Length Mirror

We, humans, have the ability to mask problems and pretend it does not exist until it is too late. Looking at your image in a full-length mirror is psychologically powerful to wake you up to the fact that you’ve consumed too many calories for too many years.

While looking in the mirror take stock of all the body parts that are out of whack. Some will have a pot belly, extra-large behind, huge neck, puffy face, etc. Until you acknowledge you have a problem with eating too much and obese, you might not be able to muster the courage to implement an effective weight loss regimen for the New Year.

3 – Buy a Bathroom Scale

You should invest in a good bathroom scale. This is not a time to start guessing what you weigh, for knowing the exact number of pounds you weigh will make you realize you have a problem with obesity. Write what you weigh in a little journal and also include the date.

Next to that number, write down your ideal weight and how long it would take for you to reach it. Please do not neglect to conduct this part, for it is the key to any successful weight loss that could last a lifetime.

4 – Get Physically Active Again

It took many months and years for you to accumulate all your pounds and it might take just as long for you to get rid of them, depending on your dedication to your daily fitness schedule. When it comes to getting physically active, it is the little things that are the most effective.

Most people that join a gym rarely attend on a regular basis because most are looking for a magic bullet to melt the fat away. If you approach your desire to lose those extra pounds with a sensible plan you have a higher chance of experiencing success.

You want to break down your weight loss goals into smaller chunks to make it seem realistic and achievable. If you have the desire to lose 50 pounds it will make more sense to approach it on a weekly basis. Losing five pounds every week seem easy and doable, and you can reach your ideal weight in about 10 weeks.

My suggestion is to start with smaller and reachable weight loss goals, simply because the initial progress will give you the confidence to continue and shot for higher weight loss numbers.

Some of the best physical activities you can implement to jumpstart your weight loss goals are:

4A – Start Walking Again – One of the main reasons for the current obesity problem in America is the lack of any physical activity in our everyday life. I know of a fat neighbor that drives everywhere, including to the park to ride his bike, and he constantly complains he can’t lose enough weight.

Get into the habit of walking several blocks on a daily basis and increase the distance and pace as you see weight loss progress. If you take public transportation, why not stop a few blocks from your home and walk the rest of the way to your destination. When was the last time you took a stroll around your area? Every step you take would help you lose some calories.

4B – Start Riding Your Bike Again – Bike riding is an enjoyable activity that should be done on a regular basis to lose weight. Riding your bicycle would work out those core muscle groups, which makes it easier to build a newer physique.

4C – Invest in a few home gym equipment – It is better to start your home fitness training on a treadmill. Most will come with the right features you can use to measure your weight loss progress. There are other fitness tools you can use at home to make it possible to stay in shape and you can look through excellent choices at

In Conclusion

I deal with obese clienteles on a daily basis, and during the many years of training different types of people, I know what works and what will lead you to failure with your weight loss goals. I got back control of my dieting and physical body after I met an old friend that pushed and helped me find my way around the gym.

I am eternally grateful to him for his assistance because every facet of my life made a turn for the better after I got in shape. Obesity robs you in many different ways and one of them happens to be the poor quality of life. I was able to make new friends that were not based on food and drinking alcohol.

My dating life changed dramatically, as I became an ideal partner for the many ladies that put time into staying in shape. For a guy, the most significant improvement will be to your sexual performance, as your stamina will be vastly improved without the need to take any small blue pill with the “V” name.

The New Year is fast approaching and it is that time when people make commitments to lose those extra pounds. You can make the year 2017 a good one to lose all those unwanted extra pounds by just implementing some of the tips found in this article.

The beginning of any journey is usually the most difficult, but your persistence will pay huge dividends in a better physique or slimmer you. Eliminating your excess weight will not only benefit your social life it will also make you healthier.

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